Remote Azureus Goodness

For those of you who grab stuff via Bittorrent using azureus, here’s a nice setup. I installed the html webui for azureus and started azureus in console-ui mode. You’ll need to grab these two extra .jar files [1,2]. Throw them into your into the directory where you have azureus installed and run the following command to startup azureus:

java -jar Azureus2.jar --ui=console

Things will kick off, and now you have a remotely accessable azureus on port 6886 (by default). I’ve setup my firewall rules so that I can access the webui from work, just in case. Oh, I guess you’ll want to configure the webui with a username and password as well. You can do that in the options for plugin when azureus is running in GUI mode.

Once its all setup, you’ll get something this:

Azureus in webui and consoleui mode

Then you’ll be able to stop, start, upload, remove torrents remotely. Nice 🙂

Announcing: Digg 2

OK, so after my post yesterday, I just had to try and do something at it. At the moment I’ll have to forget about exporting my currently dugg links. But, I’m managed to create a basic greasemonkey script to add a “save to” link on Requirements are firefox with the greasemonkey plugin installed. greasemonkey screenshot

It’ll grab the title, description and category (which it’ll use as a tag) for the post and save it to using the api. Its pretty basic right now (this is just an initial release) but I guess I’ll try and make it so when you press the “save to” button, you get a popup, so that you can then change the tags, description, etc.

It works properly on the front pages, but in other sections, it’ll grab some pretty weird stuff for the tags, so precede with caution!

The script can get found and installed from here.

digg and syncing

Just pondering something which doing a quick google for didn’t come up with any results; being able to sync links that I’ve “dugg” on over to my account.

I’ve got quite a few links dugg now, and quite a few of them I couldn’t be arsed tagging again in I guess I could export my dugg links using the provided rss feed, but then, how would I know whether I’ve already tagged it on I guess doesn’t really care, but I’m more concerned about speed. Having to download a stack of links that I might have tagged, then uploading them again might be a bit time consuming.

I guess the ideal situation would be if just automatically posted to each time you dugg something.

For the time being, perhaps I could extract the dugg links using the rss feed, do some wrangling of the text and then submit the links using the api for posting.

Update: Looks like can output pretty much all your dugg links using javascript. I lose the date of the digg though, which is something that the rss feed has (although it only seems to allow for 20 posts to be displayed) but I guess that’ll have to be something that’ll have to do without. Atleast I can export all my posts. Also the posting api allows for ignoring of posts that have already been submitted, so that’s a plus as well. I guess I could just have a python/perl/bash/whatever script run as a cron job on a server periodically and have it perhaps only grab the last 10 or so dugg links (better make that a variable).

Update 2:
Dammit, the javascript export and the rss feed doesn’t have the actual link. It has the link to the post on *sigh* Perhaps this is going to be a job for greasemonkey?

What’s Dave G listening to?

On the weekend I went to the Sydney Powerhouse Museum to hear a talk on podcasting which was part of the Sydney Design Festival 05. Not a crazily indepth talk (a bit basic for me, but Rozie wanted to go and check it out) but it was interesting to hear a guy from ABC Radio National talking about how they are using podcasting in conjuction with their shows.

So being a little bit influenced by the talk, I’m taking advantage of‘s ability to handle rss enclosures, and I’m now bookmarking dj mixes I come across that I like or recommend. In effect this becomes my own DIY podcast.

Subscribe to the feed/podcast here.

For the leechers

If you’re on Telstra Bigpond, you might have noticed that everyone’s usage meter got reset to 0MB over the weekend. Apparently it was because they’d been counting bandwidth usages from their “unmetered” sites such as Bigpond Files, Gamearena, etc. There’s some more talk on the subject over at the Whirlpool Forums.

The Names Database sucks ass

What the fuck is this shit all about??? So there’s social networking type sites like Orkut, Friendster and Yahoo 360. Now there’s this Names Database bullshit. The others were fine. You could put in a little information as you wanted. With this site, you have to give it atleast 4 email addresses of other people before you can start using it without telling you why? If you want it completely unlocked, you have to give it a total of 24 email addresses. What sort of fucking email harvesting scam is this??? And if you don’t want to give it 24 email addresses (these have to be unique email addresses that no one email have invited before) you have to cough up $1.00 a month for a years membership. FUCK THAT SHIT! The Names Database can go and eat shit!

Telstra Bigpond Unlimited* Plans finally capping users

Well, well. After having this broadband service with Telstra Bigpond for a while, Telstra have changed from “perhaps we’ll cap you when you go over 10gig” to “we will cap you when you go over 10gig”. Not super-happy about it, but hey, I was expecting to happen one day. They’re stating that they’ll cap accounts to 64kbps (that’s a small b, so bits). People over at Whirlpool are bitching that they can’t get downloads up to 64kbps, but hey, you’ve gotta remember tcp overhead as well. So far, 64kbps seems ok for checking my emails and general web browsing, although I think alot of this is helped along by my proxy server. I might look into ADSL2 later on in the year when pricing starts to get a little more competitive.


originally uploaded by minusbaby.

Just testing out the Flickr service. According to Flickr:

Flickr is the best way to store, sort, search and share your photos online. There is a huge mass of photos in the world, and Flickr provides a way to organize yours, and for you and your friends and family to tell your stories about them.

It also allows you to post to your blog entries about your’s or other peoples’ photos.

I’m not too sure if I’ll end up using this since I’ve already got my own gallery, but its always fun to play around with this stuff.

Meh to Gmail

Wow, so everyone is getting gmail for their little 1Gb email boxes. Looking on dorja:

Disk quotas for user daveg (uid xxx): none

And there’s seems to be about 19.5Gb free at the moment as well… *cough* 😉

I wouldn’t mind checking out gmailfs though.

WordPress gaining props

With the recent changes in the Movable Type licensing, heaps of people have been moving across to the much more free GPLed WordPress blogging software which this blog is running on. A nice article over at Sitepoint linking to some people of interest, one of them stating that they have WordPress up and running in 4 minutes. So what was your problem then, eh Royal? 😉


I’ve been getting some artists that I like into my Last.FM profile. Looking at the details for Theo Parrish’s First Floor album it had some similiar artists such as Queen, Limp Bizkit, Wu Tang Clan and Sonic Youth. Riiight…

For those of you unfamiliar with Last.FM is a personal radio station that “builds up a personal profile of your music taste, consisting of tracks you added to your profile and tracks you listened to on” It also ties in nicely with Audioscrobbler which is developed by the same people. Audioscrobbler is “a computer system that builds up a detailed profile of your musical taste. After installing an Audioscrobbler Plugin, your computer sends the name of every song you play to the Audioscrobbler Server.”

Their both worth checking out and its fun to see what your friends have been listening to.

Audioscrobbler also offers RSS feeds of what you’ve been listening to so you can extract that data and use it like I have in the side bar of this blog in the “10 recently played songs” section.