Telstra Bigpond Unlimited* Plans finally capping users

Well, well. After having this broadband service with Telstra Bigpond for a while, Telstra have changed from “perhaps we’ll cap you when you go over 10gig” to “we will cap you when you go over 10gig”. Not super-happy about it, but hey, I was expecting to happen one day. They’re stating that they’ll cap accounts to 64kbps (that’s a small b, so bits). People over at Whirlpool are bitching that they can’t get downloads up to 64kbps, but hey, you’ve gotta remember tcp overhead as well. So far, 64kbps seems ok for checking my emails and general web browsing, although I think alot of this is helped along by my proxy server. I might look into ADSL2 later on in the year when pricing starts to get a little more competitive.

2 thoughts on “Telstra Bigpond Unlimited* Plans finally capping users”

  1. I was cut off for an unpaid bill with bigpond, and after going through the process of getting it up again my speed returned to full despite passing the usage allowance.

  2. Bigponds plans are such bullshit, in america (I dont put a capital for america) they can get like 10mbps speeds and unlimited downloads with no slowing, but in Australia we get can get 10mbps with like 1gb if your in a city. But the rest of us ca only get 1500kbps and 12gb downloads. Such bullshit.

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