Remote Azureus Goodness

For those of you who grab stuff via Bittorrent using azureus, here’s a nice setup. I installed the html webui for azureus and started azureus in console-ui mode. You’ll need to grab these two extra .jar files [1,2]. Throw them into your into the directory where you have azureus installed and run the following command to startup azureus:

java -jar Azureus2.jar --ui=console

Things will kick off, and now you have a remotely accessable azureus on port 6886 (by default). I’ve setup my firewall rules so that I can access the webui from work, just in case. Oh, I guess you’ll want to configure the webui with a username and password as well. You can do that in the options for plugin when azureus is running in GUI mode.

Once its all setup, you’ll get something this:

Azureus in webui and consoleui mode

Then you’ll be able to stop, start, upload, remove torrents remotely. Nice 🙂