I’ve been getting some artists that I like into my Last.FM profile. Looking at the details for Theo Parrish’s First Floor album it had some similiar artists such as Queen, Limp Bizkit, Wu Tang Clan and Sonic Youth. Riiight…

For those of you unfamiliar with Last.FM is a personal radio station that “builds up a personal profile of your music taste, consisting of tracks you added to your profile and tracks you listened to on” It also ties in nicely with Audioscrobbler which is developed by the same people. Audioscrobbler is “a computer system that builds up a detailed profile of your musical taste. After installing an Audioscrobbler Plugin, your computer sends the name of every song you play to the Audioscrobbler Server.”

Their both worth checking out and its fun to see what your friends have been listening to.

Audioscrobbler also offers RSS feeds of what you’ve been listening to so you can extract that data and use it like I have in the side bar of this blog in the “10 recently played songs” section.

Pointer Sisters – Automatic

Pointer Sisters - Break Out album cover

Look what you’re doing to me
I’m utterly at your whim
All of my defenses down
Your camera looks through me
With its X-ray vision
And all systems run aground
All I can manage to push from my lips
Is a stream of absurdities
Every word I intended to speak
Wind up locked in the circuitry

No way to control it
It’s totally automatic
Whenever you’re around
I’m walking blindfolded
Completely automatic
All of my systems are down
Down down down

What is this madness
That makes my motor run
And my legs too weak to stand
I go from sadness
To exhilaration
Like a robot at your command
My hands perspire and shake like a leaf
Up and down goes my temperature
I summon doctors to get some relief
But they tell me there is no cure
They tell me


Kraftwerk Announce Plans to Reissue Entire Catalog

From Pitchfork Media:

“Kraftwerk have just revealed to the Toronto-based music magazine Now that they’re in the midst of an ambitious project to reissue their entire catalog– including their first three albums, which have been available only via UK import for years. Speaking by telephone from the band’s Kling Klang studios in Düsseldorf, Germany, Kraftwerk co-founder Ralf Hütter told the publication, “We’ve been digitally transferring all of Kraftwerk’s original recordings and sound sources from our badly degrading master tapes while our engineers, Fritz [Hilpert] and Henning [Schmitz], have been working in parallel to remaster our early albums for re-release.”

Grinding hard not soft, fashion core on a freestyle jazz metal tip

Reading the article about “Fashion-core” that Nik linked to, it kind of made me feel old that “hardcore” no longer means early nineties UK rave breakbeat or mid-nineties Rotterdam gabber and that it has gone back to one of the first uses of “hardcore” to describe music that I heard. Actually it also made me feel old because I’ve actually witnessed a term for music change over the course of more than a decade.

Reality Slap

A copy of Neil Ollivierra’s unpublished book Reality Slap is currently being hosted over at the Emotion Electric site in PDF format.

From The Milk Factory:

“Neil Ollivierra described the early days of the Detroit movement in Reality Slap, a book he never officially published, but which gained near cult status in the Motor city. The book focuses on his life as a socialite, as well as the rise of Detroit techno, and his involvement with Derrick May and the Transmat label.”

Arcade 64

Now this sounds like my kind of party! (Thanks to Davo for the link on that one).

Dont think retro fashion, think RETRO GEEK! Vintage computing and gaming meets arcades and the finest local and international live acts for a night of blistering beats, acid, techno, breaks and console bleeps. Get down to the big ass bass or blister those thumbs on a NES, Atari, C64, Neo Geo or any of many other gaming flashbacks powered up and on site for those of us who were more geeking up at home then doing the John Travolta…. screw the 80’s… insert coin to play!

Parallel Dimensions to get full release on Ubiquity

Back in 2000, Theo Parrish released the fantastic double pack Parallel Dimensions on his label Sound Signture. At the same time there was a CD of Parallel Dimensions which only had 1000 copies pressed and had 4 additional tracks that weren’t in the vinyl pack; So Now What, Anansies Dances, Space Ghosts, Summertime is Here, Brain Collaboration and Violet Green (the CD lacked the brillant Dreamers Blues and What U Cry 4 though). Luckily Ubiquity are releasing all the CD tracks onto vinyl soon!

Planet E re-release 4 Jazz Funk Classics

Along with a bunch of other re-releases recently, Planet E are re-releasing an absolute classic (now it really is a classic!!).

To be re-released on April 9th, the long awaited Planet E original, 69 – 4 jazz funk classics!

This is a true repress of the original 1991 release in every way. For those who are long-time followers of Carl Craig, it’s common knowledge that 4 jazz funk classics was Craig’s debut release on Planet E Communications, Inc.

Now 13 years later, the music is still just as timeless as the day it was created. Record Collectors from all over the world know the street value of this rare classic has reached as high as $100 a copy. Today this is your opportunity to pre-order a sure-satisfying product that will bring a wealth of enjoyment and unlimited profits to you company. Order now and be confident, because this one won’t wait!

69 – 4 jazz funk classics
PLAN 12S 69
side a
a1. ladies & gentleman
a2. if mojo was a.m.
side b
b1. my machines (pt.1)
extraterrestrial raggabeats (pt.2)
my machines (reprise)
b2. frequency finale

Lapti Nek by Sy Snootles and the Max Rebo Band

I not quite sure how, but an mp3 of this song appeared on my harddrive one day. Perhaps I downloaded it and forgot about it, perhaps someone else put it there. Anyway, I recently started listening to it again. Its a song from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. It was peformed by Sy Snootles and the Max Rebo Band (employed by Jabba the Hutt) but not actually in the movie (well this full version I think). Its a craptastic, so good its bad early eighties sort of pop/disco funk type deal, which only the eighties could have produced I guess. There’s something so catchy about it though.

Ab queck zenick fesi
Jup col im in na hiz jal, ooh.
Wa toc peg qui dos gee pif, aah.
Joh jarraz bas deg zorze zot.
Jer wih tuster mo vey
Qui neb be og ezen on
Wok lapti nek seb not van
Goc jarraz bas deg zorze zot

Lapti Nek
Rat a ran wim joct co jappi qaff
Lapti Nek
Kiv ba ha top wep jex pi va bep
Lapti Nek
Rat a ran wim joct co jappi qaff

Av queck zenick fesi
Jem wih tus-ter movey
Qui Neb be og ezen on
Wok lap ti nek seb not van
Wah toc peg qui doz gee pif
Goc jarraz bas deg zorze zot

Lapti Nek
Rat a ran wim joct co jappi qaff
Lapti Nek
Kiv ba ha top wep jex pi va bep
Lapti Nek
Rat a ran wim joct co jappi qaff

Deg zorze zot
Jem wih tuster mo vey
Qui neb be og ezen on
Wok lapti nek seb not van
Goc jarraz bas deg zorze zot

Lapti nek, lapti nek (repeat and fade)

It wasn’t a rock!

The B52's in concert at the Hordern

The B52’s in concert last night at the Hordern in Sydney.

(Sorry, I just cut and paste from a mailing list that I posted to and am too lazy and busy to write something better).

They started off with Planet Clare. They also did Roam, 52 Girls, Mesopotamia, Love Shack, Channel Z, Deadbeat Club, Quiche Lorraine, a bunch of other songs that I can’t remember or didn’t know and of course they encored with Rock Lobster.

Sounds of Seduction were the support with their usual array of nutty go-go dancers. When we walked in Jay Catz playing the Wonder Woman theme song, then onto the Batman theme song. Most of the crowd were getting into it (or atleast enjoying it) and I heard lots of people giggling to the music, so that was pretty cool, since some crowds can be a tad hostile the concept of a dj being the support.

All in all, it was a fun night though. Glad I went.

Update 04/03/2004: A review over at the SMH.

Grex Ultra Dynamics: Notron, the next generation

Some of you might remember the legendary Latronic Notron that was famously known (well atleast in Detroit ‘spotter circles) for being used by Claude Young. Apparently other famous users were Björk (who even received her own Notron mod in the form of the “Björkeyboard”), The Orb, The Advent, Kirk De Georgio, Mark Bell, James Ruskin, Oliver Ho, Howie B, Max Duley and Richie Hawtin.

Well after disappearing for a few years, Notron’s creater Gerard Campbell, appears to be back with a new company: Grex Ultra Dynamics. The first product released is the MFX8 Midi Crossfader which allows for gives quick and easy control of up to 56 MIDI Controllers along with volume cross fading, beat gating, punching, kill, MIDI clock generation and unique ratio sequencing. Its already available for sale direct from the Grex Store for £225.00 excluding VAT.

On the horizon in 2004 (in the Northen Hemisphere’s spring) is the next generation Notron; the Genotron which apparently has over 5 times the processing power of the original Notron.