Reality Slap

A copy of Neil Ollivierra’s unpublished book Reality Slap is currently being hosted over at the Emotion Electric site in PDF format.

From The Milk Factory:

“Neil Ollivierra described the early days of the Detroit movement in Reality Slap, a book he never officially published, but which gained near cult status in the Motor city. The book focuses on his life as a socialite, as well as the rise of Detroit techno, and his involvement with Derrick May and the Transmat label.”

One thought on “Reality Slap”

  1. Anyone got a copy of this PDF – the link is out of date and would def like to read this book which I’ve heard lots about.
    Accounts vary and say it’s either genius or meandering. Fact is it’s probably the first Detroit techno novel and as such
    a landmark.

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