Setting the default browser in Thunderbird

For some reason (well I guess its only version 0.5), but in Mozilla Thunderbird under Linux, there’s currently no simple way of setting your default browser. To set it, you have to update your user.js file with this setting:

user_pref("", "/path/to/browser");
user_pref("", "/path/to/browser");
user_pref("", "/path/to/browser");

This information is also referenced here.

6 thoughts on “Setting the default browser in Thunderbird”

  1. The same settings can be configured EDIT–> PREFERENCE–> CONFIG EDITOR (Advanced configuration from the General Tab)

  2. My default browser in the thunderbird config was “x-www-browser”. On my (debian) system, I simply ran “update-alternatives –config x-www-browser” to choose what that actually ran.

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