“Very fat cat seized”


A German cat weighing six times the normal weight is so fat that it cannot take more than four steps without getting exhausted. Now officials at a Berlin animal shelter are having trouble finding a new owner for six-year-old Mikesch, after it was taken away from his elderly owner.

My Mum’s cat Jesse clocks in at around 10kg and looks pretty similiar to that German cat. He has lost some weight since my Mum got another second cat named Jake though. I’ll have to get some shots of Jesse sitting around the house and put them up. He sits up with his legs spread like he’s watching the footy or something. Most amusing 😆

One thought on “ “Very fat cat seized””

  1. The cat went to a shelter after it was taken away from its owner, who in turn was sent to a nursing home. The cat refuses to eat, after being taken off its 2kg mince meat diet.

    Cats eat about 300gm a day – normally!

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