Grex Ultra Dynamics: Notron, the next generation

Some of you might remember the legendary Latronic Notron that was famously known (well atleast in Detroit ‘spotter circles) for being used by Claude Young. Apparently other famous users were Björk (who even received her own Notron mod in the form of the “Björkeyboard”), The Orb, The Advent, Kirk De Georgio, Mark Bell, James Ruskin, Oliver Ho, Howie B, Max Duley and Richie Hawtin.

Well after disappearing for a few years, Notron’s creater Gerard Campbell, appears to be back with a new company: Grex Ultra Dynamics. The first product released is the MFX8 Midi Crossfader which allows for gives quick and easy control of up to 56 MIDI Controllers along with volume cross fading, beat gating, punching, kill, MIDI clock generation and unique ratio sequencing. Its already available for sale direct from the Grex Store for 225.00 excluding VAT.

On the horizon in 2004 (in the Northen Hemisphere’s spring) is the next generation Notron; the Genotron which apparently has over 5 times the processing power of the original Notron.

4 thoughts on “Grex Ultra Dynamics: Notron, the next generation”

  1. it appears that gerard cambell may have skiped town with money from people who paid for the mxf8 but never recieved it. Any thoughts?

  2. I ordered one, prepaid, and after many delays actually received it. It’s a neat box. Not sure how many others made it out the door.

  3. Where in the name of god, can i aquire one of these elusive
    little box`s from???
    any one would think there full of wepons grade plutonium
    by the difficulty you have trying to find one

  4. I know the guy that worked his ass off on the software for the mxf8 and even he hasn’t got one and got ripped off into the bargain! all that was needed was a box that didn’t fall to bits and didn’t take two hours to build. Gerard Campbell of Grex is a cunt.

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