Announcing: Digg 2

OK, so after my post yesterday, I just had to try and do something at it. At the moment I’ll have to forget about exporting my currently dugg links. But, I’m managed to create a basic greasemonkey script to add a “save to” link on Requirements are firefox with the greasemonkey plugin installed. greasemonkey screenshot

It’ll grab the title, description and category (which it’ll use as a tag) for the post and save it to using the api. Its pretty basic right now (this is just an initial release) but I guess I’ll try and make it so when you press the “save to” button, you get a popup, so that you can then change the tags, description, etc.

It works properly on the front pages, but in other sections, it’ll grab some pretty weird stuff for the tags, so precede with caution!

The script can get found and installed from here.

digg and syncing

Just pondering something which doing a quick google for didn’t come up with any results; being able to sync links that I’ve “dugg” on over to my account.

I’ve got quite a few links dugg now, and quite a few of them I couldn’t be arsed tagging again in I guess I could export my dugg links using the provided rss feed, but then, how would I know whether I’ve already tagged it on I guess doesn’t really care, but I’m more concerned about speed. Having to download a stack of links that I might have tagged, then uploading them again might be a bit time consuming.

I guess the ideal situation would be if just automatically posted to each time you dugg something.

For the time being, perhaps I could extract the dugg links using the rss feed, do some wrangling of the text and then submit the links using the api for posting.

Update: Looks like can output pretty much all your dugg links using javascript. I lose the date of the digg though, which is something that the rss feed has (although it only seems to allow for 20 posts to be displayed) but I guess that’ll have to be something that’ll have to do without. Atleast I can export all my posts. Also the posting api allows for ignoring of posts that have already been submitted, so that’s a plus as well. I guess I could just have a python/perl/bash/whatever script run as a cron job on a server periodically and have it perhaps only grab the last 10 or so dugg links (better make that a variable).

Update 2:
Dammit, the javascript export and the rss feed doesn’t have the actual link. It has the link to the post on *sigh* Perhaps this is going to be a job for greasemonkey?

Kernel Panic!

A hand dryer that had kernel panicked

So in the picture above is a linux machine that has had a kernel panic. No big deal. Looks like there’s some problem mounting a filesystem on a hard drive or some sort of IDE device.

The interesting part is that this is actually a hand dryer at the movies at George St Cinemas in Sydney. Its probably a 8.4″ LCD display, which I assuming usually runs ads on it. It was a tad chunky even by standard hand dryer standards though. Pretty funny to see it sitting there, all sad and crashed.

Split vim & gnu screen sessions

darkenergy running split vim and screen sessions

Nicholas was hassling me upload this screenshot, so here it is. On my IBM ThinkPad T41 at work, I’m running the OpenBox window manager in Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger. In this session, gnome-terminal (with decorations removed) is ssh’ed into a server, with a split gnu screen session (my current .screenrc), with one of the screen sessions running vim with three split windows. I’m working on a php script which creates dynamic kickstart files for Redhat Enterprise Linux installs.

To split a screen in screen, its ctrl+a S, then ctrl+a tab to jump between the screens. In vim, its ctrl+w s to split the screen horizontally, ctrl+w v to split the screen vertically and then ctrl+w w to jump between the screens in vim.

Stereo MCs at the Becks Festival Bar

Rob B of the Stereo MCs

As part of the Becks Festival Bar (which is part of the Sydney Festival) the Stereo MCs performed on Sunday night with local lads Hermitude supported along with Simon Caldwell playing his usually choice selection. Since Rozie always likes to stand up the front of parties, bands, concerts, etc I decided to join her. Now this would have to be the closest I’ve ever been at a show. Front and center. I pretty much had Rob B dripping sweat all over me and his crotch was probably less than a foot away from my face. A bit too much info. It was a solid show with it mostly consisting of their favourites such as Elevate My Mind, Ground Level, Deep Down And Dirty and Connected. Actually, the show pretty much consisted of all the tracks off their Retroactive release from 2003.

In the coming weeks, there’s some great stuff coming up for the Festival though. I’ll be catching Recloose (live), Fourtet, Jamie Liddell and Saul Williams. If you’re in Sydney, get into it!