I have great memories of cicadas from when I was a kid. Green grocers, brown bakers, black tigers. Some were more difficult to find than others. Today I was looking at the Cicadaville site, and it had some facts I didn’t know.

FACT: Cicadas are vicious killers.
FACT: Cicadas prey on innocent children and pets.
FACT: Cicadas are seething with deadly venom and flesh-eating bacteria.
FACT: This year Cicadas will kill more people than snakes, spiders, scorpions, and sharks combined!


Now this sounds kinda cool…


Windsor, ON May 13, 2004 – Up until now, Richie Hawtin and his production team for the Plastikman Live show at Mutek 2004 have kept a very tight lid on the technology being developed for the show. They have begun lifting the curtain on a set of technological advances that will alter the course of how electronic music can be performed in a live scenario. The performance will involve Hawtin’s manipulation and control of multiple tracks of digital and analog audio, real time generation of a High Definition (HD) visual system, drum machines, synthesizers, effects and lights.
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XMAME 0.82.1 released

Over the weekend XMAME 0.82.1 was released. Changes as follows:

Changes since 0.81.1:

  • Everything from MAME 0.82 and MESS 0.82.
  • The romcmp tool now builds on Solaris.
  • Improved the message that is displayed when a suitable X11 visual cannot be found. Fixes Bugzilla bug 219. (Christopher Stone)
  • Fixed the most egregious formatting errors in the xmame.6 manpage. (Andre Majorel)
  • Converted the documentation from LinuxDoc to a more modern DocBook format.
  • Added x86 SIMD options to the makefile. (Patrick Roberts)

A patch and full sources are available from the usual places:

You’re on the stage now!

Well it seems like over the course of time that my blog seems to have been a good platform for bringing other friends’ “hidden” blogs into public knowledge. I got an email from my friend Joanne today tell me about her blog so I’m assuming she’s ready for the world to know about it! 😉 Welcome to my blogroll. 😆

Joanne’s blog is hosted over at Xanga which is a free blog hosting service which has probably the worst rss feeds I’ve seen anywhere. Well, I guess it is one step up from it being non-existant before. Scrap that, it would probably be better being non-existant…

Movement Festival lineup announced

Well, OK, its only a partial list so far for the Movement Festival in Detroit, but still, WOW! 😯 Great to see NZ headz Fat Freddy’s Drop in there as well. I wish I was going… 😥

Aardvark, Alden Tyrell live, Amp Fiddler live, Barbara Preisinger, Biological Live, Camp Amp DJs, Claude Young, Cloud 9, Danny Krivit, Derek Plaslaiko, DJ Cosmo, DJ Genesis live, DJ Nova, Duplex Live, Ellen Allien, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Francois K, Garth Trinidad, Goldfinger (AML), Greg Mudge, Groove Junkies, Heiroglyphic being, Highfish, Jeannie Hopper, Joris Voorn live, Kai Alce, Kelvin Larkin, Kenny Larkin, Kevin Reynolds, Kevin Saunderson, Language, Legowelt, Louis Haiman, Madlib and PBW ft Jay Dee, Malik Alston, Painted Pictures, Marques Wyatt, McKay, Mike Geiger, Mike Grant, Mike Huckaby, Novamen Live dutch, Osunlade Live, Ramon, Recloose, Red Nose Distrikt, Reel People, Remy, Rockid (DMC Champion), Rolando, Ron Trent, sean deason, Shortround, Stacey Pullen, Tortured Soul Live, Wajeed

Creative Vibes also picking up Peacefrog

Wow, Creative Vibes are really on a roll now. Looks like they’ve also picked up distribution for the awesome UK label Peacefrog in Australia.

PEACEFROG: Peacefrog Records have been one of the leaders of the cutting edge techno/house scene for the past ten years. The UK based label was formed in 1992 by Pete Hutchison and Paul Ballard from the suburbs of London and has nurtured acts in the early years such as Luke Slater, Paul Johnson, Wamdue Kids and more recently the likes of Moodymann, Charles Webster, Theo Parrish and Ian O’Brien, X-Crash, Apogee, Solid State, Dan Curtin, Purveyors Of Fine Funk, Neil Landstrumm, Dusk, Glenn Underground, John Beltran, Placid Angles, Planetary Assault Systems, Roy Davis Jr, Plaid and many more. The first release up is Moodymann’s Black Mahogani, a collection of rare classic 12″s from the Detroit genius with some new tracks thrown in for good measure. Look out for new albums from Kenny Larkin, Lucien & Luciano & Moodymann’s “Black Mahogani Part 2” to come later this year!

Creative Vibes picks up Submerge and Clone

Slightly old news:

The Submerge announcement:

Detroit techno has a home in Detroit at 3000 East Grand Boulevard. A home built on vinyl sweat and percussive dreams. Submerge’s three-story music building is in the heart of Detroit’s cultural center, a short distance from Berry Gordy’s original Motown headquarters. From the beginnings of Detroit techno and house to the latest electro, soul and hip-hop, Submerge is one of the world’s hubs for electronic music. Submerge was established in 1992 by Christa Weatherspoon Robinson and Michael Banks as an administrative hub for Detroit’s independent dance music labels. The company has served as a channel for many labels, who have come and gone and taken on new direction over the years. As Submerge’s casts of characters has changed and evolved, the spirit has remained strong. With support from many of Detroit’s most talented and dedicated producers, label managers, promoters, DJs, writers, booking agents, and vinyl technicians, Submerge has remained afloat beneath the surface. The current line up of Submerge labels includes, Black Nation, Electrofunk, Hipnotech, Hitechfunk, Ignitor, KMS, Los Hermanos, Metroplex, Motech, Red Planet, Renaissance, Submerge Recordings, Transmat/Fragile, Tunnel 7 and Underground Resistance. Creative Vibes are proud to announce the addition to their already reputable roster of labels and look forward to bringing you the very best of Detroit’s finest!

The Clone announcement:

Creative Vibes has another welcome addition to the family in the form of one of the most influential and well respected techno and electro labels from the Netherlands. While the Clone imprint has released techno gems from artists such as Duplex, Drexciya, Cosmic Force, Underground Resistance and Bangkok Impact, their sub-label is also making it’s mark in the music world. Dub Recordings has made a name for itself with quality electronica releases from Funkstorung, Speedy J and a host of other producers, and has become one of the labels that truly specilises in modern electronica and IDM. Also into the CV fold come labels distributed by Clone: Viewlexx, Murder Capital, 4Lux, Bunker and Nature. Stay tuned in 2004 for a swag of the freshest electronica, techno, disco and house releases, direct from Rotterdam!

Good on you guys! The addition of these two labels along with Groovy Gordon’s unstoppable partying power, Creative Vibes can now take on the world! 😉

MAME 0.82 released

New Games supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:

  • Star Gladiator
  • Street Fighter EX
  • Street Fighter EX 2
  • 1945k III
  • Tylz (prototype)
  • Dynagears
  • Super World Stadium
  • Various Megatech sets
  • Agress
  • Time Crisis (Version A)
  • One + Two

New Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:

  • Continental Circus (US set 2)

New Non-Working games / clones supported

  • Racing Beat
  • Mission Craft

DJ Orion

He’s, ummm, back

Well after 3years hibernating in Byron Bay I’ve decided to set the record straight. Over the next few weeks I shall try to dispell any myth or rumour about my private life and my life as a promoter dj and at the same time be equally honest about some of my fuck ups along the way. And let’s face it, to those who know me me I certainly made a few wrong decisions along the way but at the same time I had some of the best parties in Sydney happening at the time. It was always about quality and in saying that I always over stepped budgets and as a result cut profits down which maximized risk and when things didnt go as well as planned people didnt get paid.