DJ Orion

He’s, ummm, back

Well after 3years hibernating in Byron Bay I’ve decided to set the record straight. Over the next few weeks I shall try to dispell any myth or rumour about my private life and my life as a promoter dj and at the same time be equally honest about some of my fuck ups along the way. And let’s face it, to those who know me me I certainly made a few wrong decisions along the way but at the same time I had some of the best parties in Sydney happening at the time. It was always about quality and in saying that I always over stepped budgets and as a result cut profits down which maximized risk and when things didnt go as well as planned people didnt get paid.

3 thoughts on “DJ Orion”

  1. Wassup, wow man, who would have thought my own brothers name would be plastered all over the net. Ill be joining you soon when i get successful. Sure is taking a long time, and alot of work, but im sure that pretty soon i will make it… cya soon

  2. Hi Kevin, im glad youre back, well, sorta, because i would be more than glad to come up to byron bay to cave your head in for ripping people off. Im not angry Kevin, im actually quite happy, because after i take your limbs, i will then sell them to make up for losses. Then, if you still can, we can chat and make friends, because im sure under that fake image you are portraying, you arent THAT bad of a guy. See you soon.

  3. Kevin, im sorry for that last comment, that was uncalled for, i only just found out that you cant sell limbs, so instead, you can be my runner till the money you owe is payed back. I hope that beemer you have is quick enough to get me some dosh.

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