More riots over the weekend

More proof that it isn’t just the west and inner west who are doing it rough nowadays…

A group of pilled up youths attacked police in Killara today after a day of designer drugs and Stoli vodka.

The gang of 20-something rich kids hurled BMWs, bags of coke, Rolex watches, Arts degrees, Technics turntables, Tsubi jeans, duck-feathered pillows, leather couches, laptops, ITM slipmats, textbooks, dictionaries, non-stick woks, paintings, fingerlickin records, golf balls, hockey sticks, condoms and vitamin tablets at hapless police.

Police responded with water hoses and tear gas, injuring two boys. Both boys fathers rung Bob Carr immediately threatening legal action.

One policeman was knocked unconscious by an Honours degree from Sydney Uni hurled by a young 25 year old graduate working at his dad mate’s consultancy firm.

Police said, “these boys should know better then to throw their possessions at us. They are educated, have every chance in life and we’ve never done anything to hurt them.”

The riot was sparked when neighbours complained of loud sexy house music pounding from the backyard of the party host. Police attended the scene and things got worse from there.

Police were considering making arrests but were instructed to drop the case after one of the boy’s fathers offered to donate money to build a new gym at police HQ.

Thanks to Jaime for that 😆

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