New Underground Commitee Mix

Javier Drada – Deep House Session 1.37

  1. Rick Wade – Night Station – Music Is
  2. DJ Pope – Running Wild – Trackmode (TM049)
  3. Audiomontage – The Darkness – Freerange
  4. Gate-Ah – The Shelter (Underground Committee Edit) – Shelter
  5. Glenn Underground – Silent Cry (Euphoria Moog Mix) – Trackmode (TM042)
  6. Abicah Soul – Chukie’s Turn – Jellybean
  7. Jaque – Keys of Life (Underground Collective Vocal Mix) – Jellybean
  8. Kai Alce and Ron Trent – Sa K’ Pase – Trackmode (TM051)
  9. Pascal Rioux feat. Mr. Day – Golden Days (Main Mix) – Rotax

This mix includes a cut from the new Rick Wade EP due out April ’04 on Music Is UK, also included is the upcoming Trackmode release of Kai Alce and Ron Trent (TM051) Due out March ’04.

Also worth checking out is a Trax Records mix over at Acid Mixes with tracks by artists such as Adonis, Phuture, Virgo, and Jungle Wonz.

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