Bring back those old DOS games back to life!

Having a browse through my local friendly apt repository I found this nice program called DOSBox. It appears to be essentially a 286 and 386 emulator. Its great for all those old games that just won’t run from the command line of more modern operating systems. So far I’ve play Warlords 1 & 2, the Leisure Suit Larry Series, the Elite Series, Civilization, Thexder, Solar Winds 1 & 2 and Rampage. It doesn’t support protected mode games, so games from around the mid nineties don’t (stuff like Doom and that which used the DOS4GW type environments).

It emulates the Sound Blaster card, which is nice and it works under Windows, BeOS, Linux and Mac OS X, so you’ve got NO excuse not to give this a crack πŸ˜‰ And over here is the list of supported games.

Area man renames himself after autobot leader

Something that would be more in place over at The Onion, a member of Ohio’s 5694th National Guard Unit in Mansfield has renamed himself to “Optimus Prime”, after the leader of the Autobots from the 80’s children’s television series The Transformers. Optimus Prime said “I got a letter from a general at the Pentagon when the name change went through and he says it was great to have the employ of the commander of the Autobots in the National Guard.”

A bunch of links

Thought I’d chuck some links onto my pathetically maintained blog. My buddy Matt has started up his own random link generator (ala B3ta, Memepool et al) over at Carbonated Brain. Still in early days, but with the way that Matt finds links, I’m sure it’ll be kicking along in no time.

Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf presents an essay on DHCP over at good ole Router God. Also you can Shitznikalise you webpage with Snoop Dog. Also worth a gander is the Turd Twister and Zero Sex Life, which follows the tales and tribulations of some poor guy trying to get laid.

Futura2000 & DJ Shadow

Last night I headed over to Space3 in Chippendale to attend the opening of the Futura2000 exhibition. Rumour was that DJ Shadow was supposed to be playing there, but during the time there, I didn’t see him. Futura2000 was there though signing stuff, and DJ Blaze was playing some nice hip hop beats. But at the end of the day, the artwork failed to move me (I really can’t get into art when the room is jam packed full of scene queens… I like it empty), and I would have been better off going to the screening of Bowling for Columbine, which I had a 4 free passes to. That’ll teach me.

Job Vacancy

Looking for a new job? Despise your current boss? Then try something new. From the ad:

“Make the most of your natural figure…”

Random funny links

Real Ultimate Power!!! Read what it like to have the “Real Ultimate Power” of being a ninja. Check out this awesome flash animate. Love the music. You’ve gotta turn it up loud to appreciate the full quality of the audio. Do you like pirate jokes such as:

“Have you heard about the new pirate movie? It’s rated AARRRRGGH!”

Well watch out. Think I’ll be collecting some more jokes for my site soon! Also make sure you check out leprechauns darts. Fun!!! updated

Not content with Radio Userland, it looks like BJ has updated his weblog to the Zope based content management system, Plone. Looks pretty damn nice. All you need now is some content dude! πŸ˜‰ Other fellow Dorjian’s Kernow and B are kickin’ along with their blogs, and also for the darn cutest blog around, check out Paige Bebee’s blog.