SMH Half Marathon 2007

So on Sunday I did my first ever half marathon. After putting in satisfying efforts with the Bay Run, City 2 Surf and the Sydney Bridge Run last year, I felt like more of a challenge. So I went for the popular SMH Half Marathon. For those of you who don’t know, a half marathon is 21.1kms (and full one being 42.2kms obviously). The course goes through the CBD, up across past the Art Gallery to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and back again to Hickson Rd, then you do it all over again!

Back two and a half months ago, I started a half marathon training routine from Runners’ World Magazine. It consisted for 3 training runs a week. Intervals, tempo and distance runs. Admittedly I was getting pretty sick of all the training leading up to last week and I just wanted to get the race over and done with. By Saturday night I was pretty excited. Got to bed by about 12 and had really patchy sleep until I woke up at about 5am.

Rozie, being the wonderful wife that she is came down to Hickson Rd for the 7.30am start with me. We ended up catching a taxi down since the buses didn’t start until about 6.45am (that’s when I wanted to get there). On the way down, the taxi driver told her that I was a fantastic husband because I opened the door of the taxi and let her in first. Rozie just laughed and said she was fantastic for getting up so early for me. I guess we’re both fantastic (or something…)

Away, we managed to get down there at about 6.45am or so which gave me plenty of time to warm up, pee, and find a place for the start. Compared to the City 2 Surf and perhaps even the Sydney Running Festival, the crowd seemed a lot more serious. I got the impression that regardless of peoples’ abilities as runners, that they were mostly people who ran pretty regularly, as opposed to the fun runners who might only do it a before a race like this.

And they're racing!

Anyway, I digress. The first 5 and 10kms of the race was fantastic for me. I managed to knock over the first 10kms in about 42mins(!). Looking back I probably went a bit hard since the second half (well 11.1kms to be exact) took me about 53 minutes to complete. The main reason for this though is that for about the last 5 to 6kms I had a really painful blister coming through, which really slowed me down. I think if I didn’t have that blister that I could’ve saved myself about 3 minutes in the second half of the race.

Running in the SMH Half Marathon 2007

My final time ended up 95 mins 58 seconds and placed 771st out of a field of 4639 finishing runners. So I am really happy with the final result, since all my training was aiming for 95 minutes anyhow. Since I got pretty close to the time I was aiming for, even with a blister slowing me down, I reckon I can easily run a half in under 95 minutes and perhaps with some more endurance training get my time closer to 90 minutes.

The finish line
I passed the line a couple of minutes earlier

I’ll probably aim for the Sydney Running Festival half marathon in September.

My running goals for the year are:

Gatorade trash

6 thoughts on “SMH Half Marathon 2007”

  1. well fucking done!

    I still remember that time you smoked my ass on that run we did through the national park. damn.. hate to imagine how fast you are now. 771 is great.

    i’ve been running most mornings over just to stop myself from going stir crazy driving all day. might have to start timing shit and get some tips.

    anyway, again, well done homie.

  2. Hi Dave,

    I am a two time Olympic runner and came directly to this blog post when searching for half marathon running. How are things now a years later ? Running that fast for your debute isn’t too bad, have had several friends trying the same thing + hard to dip under 1.40 for first-timers. Hope you’re still enjoying the running and staying injury free.

    Good luck to you + your site.

    Marius Bakken // Norway

  3. What 10km in 42 minutes!?

    Oh man, I couldn’t do it man! You rocks! For 10km, i can only complete it well under 1 hour, the fastest I mean. Well as one grow older, the speed reduces greatly.

    Keep up the good job man!

  4. I love to jog but it’s just for fun, peace and laughter. If I were to go for competitive jogging, I will not be up to the job. The reason why I choose jogging is because after a run, I feel so refresh and that helps me in my work productivity, I feel good about it! I can lose my weight at the same time, so its cool.

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