Two More Weeks

So its two more weeks until the SMH Half Marathon and I can say with all honest, thank god! I really enjoy running these days, but I’m really getting sick of all the mileage I’m doing in the lead up the race. I reckon at most, I can enjoy running up to about 15-16kms. Yesterday I ran 19km, which I ran in a cruisy 1hr 35mins (it was an endurance run, not speed), but by the end of the it, not only was I knackered, but I’m was completely over it.

Gladly, for the next two weeks, the training for the race is a tapering down of intensity, so the longest I’ll run is 10km next weekend and for my tempo, it’ll only be a 5km and a 3km run. Phew! My legs should be pretty fresh for the 21kms of the marathon. I’ll be glad once its all over.

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