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Iron Chef French to do Sydney

With one of the dinners happening on the 12th October, the day of my birthday, it is clear that Rozie must buy this for my birthday present 😉

From the e-Travel Blackboard:

Fans of SBS Television’s Iron Chef program can indulge in a dining event never before experienced in Australia when Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai meets Galileo’s Chef Harunobu Inukai. Both from Japan, Iron Chef Sakai and Chef Harunobu are well known for their expert ability to marry traditional French cuisine with cutting edge Japanese inspirations. The result is a superb fusion of delicate flavours and beautifully presented dishes.

The culinary genius of both Chefs will be showcased in this sumptuous dining event. Over three nights, the kitchen of Galileo Restaurant will be visible like never before, cameras capturing every aspect, as both Chefs create dishes that reflect their passion for Japanese cuisine and French cooking techniques.

In the lavish surrounds of Galileo Restaurant, large screens will display each moment from the kitchen, from preparation to presentation, as both Chefs combine to produce seven exquisite courses, served with especially selected wines. Hosted by award winning producer, presenter and journalist Joanna Savill, from the SBS Television program Food Lover’s Guide to Australia, this is sure to be a truly unique dining experience.

Iron Chef Sakai and Chef Harunobu Inukai combine talents at Galileo Restaurant on Wednesday 12th, Thursday 13th and Friday 14th October. Located inside The Observatory Hotel, 89 – 113 Kent Street, Sydney, Galileo’s rich décor is reminiscent of a Parisian salon, a perfect fit for the theme of the evening, as both Chefs create an artistic fusion of French and Japanese cuisine.

Each evening will commence at 6.30pm with welcome cocktails, followed by a seven course dinner and Sommelier Nicolas Cleradin’s selection of matching wines. To experience this prestigious culinary event, seats are available for AUD$450.