Stuff I’ve been up to

I’ve been quite enjoying the new job. New challenges, new environments, new people. Different people make such a difference. In my old team for the most part people weren’t horrible or anything, just not that friendly, socialable or something. The new team everyone gets on really well, shares knowledge, helps out when others are in a bind. It makes working so much more enjoyable. I don’t dread coming to work anymore. Quite an unusual feeling for me. I haven’t felt depressed since I got the new job as well. So guess I wasn’t mental. Just work was bringing me down so much… too much.

Working outside of normal business hours have been different for me though since I’ve never had to do it before. Last Thursday morning I was up at 3.20am and Saturday morning 7am to do work. Luckily thanks to the wonders of computers I was sitting at my desk in my study in my pj’s doing it. So good!

I got a new ring a couple of weekends back. Well its supposed to be temporary. It looks almost exactly the same except its a little bit chunkier. Its silver instead of white gold and it only cost me $58 from Baku. I probably won’t get another white gold one for a while more because of cost and since I’m trying to save money at the moment. Rozie doesn’t seem that bothered at all just as long as I’ve got something on my finger.

One thing that I’ve been getting into since I’ve been in Epping is games. I never really got into video games when I was younger, tending to lean towards messing around with operating systems, applications and networking. I guess I’ve got to a point now where I know enough of that now that I don’t feel I have to messing around with that sort of stuff every minute of the day. So since I got that dirt cheap Dreamcast earlier in the year I’ve been fiending out. Soul Caliber, Gauntlet Legends, Ikaruga, Crazy Taxi, Gundam: Renpou vs. Zeon DX and Border Down have been some personal favourites.

I’ve completely been loving Ikaruga and Border Down though. If you like shoot ’em ups like R-Type and Gradius, then Ikaruga and Border Down you’ll love. So bleedin’ hard, but you want to come back for more and more.

And also I’m now up to my *cough* third Sega Saturn. Time to get some solder, DIL switches and start on those region mods. 😀

Birthday shouts
Happy birthday to Josie and Thommy for last week, who’s birthday’s fall within a day of each other. We popped down to Soul Biscuits for Josie’s birthday last week for a bit of northern soul and some pool. And props to T-bird for the fine spread of grub on Saturday!

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