Know the ‘Fro

On Friday night I went to Candy’s Apartment with Rozie and Jo for Give the Drummer Some. A nice night of old school funk, soul, breakbeats, hip hop and other goodness. Good music. Kind of nutty crowd, but you get that in the Cross. Anyway, sitting with Josie, she pondered:

“When a guy with a ‘fro sees another guy with a ‘fro, what does he do? Is there confrontation that he no longer the only guy in the room with a ‘fro? Or is there some sort of brotherly acknoledgement going on?”

So, are there any readers out there with a ‘fro? What’s the ‘fro ettique? Inquiring minds need to know!

4 thoughts on “Know the ‘Fro”

  1. Well I would think its like when you see a girl at a party or at the pedestrian who has the same top on as you. You either laugh it off or give dagger eyes before moving on….

  2. you make in the international nod of afro-hood. this is something that all true afro-rockers are taught after having their afro approved by the BAW (Brotherhood of Afro Wearers). if there is no response then you are left to wonder about the kids ‘true’ hair.

    on the bargain tip… i hit up the supermarket sized thrift store up the street from me and scored a pair of $1.50 501s and some rad argyle socks for 69c. not bad considering i only went up for the bike ride and to help my girl carry some of her new found treasures home!

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