Know the ‘Fro

On Friday night I went to Candy’s Apartment with Rozie and Jo for Give the Drummer Some. A nice night of old school funk, soul, breakbeats, hip hop and other goodness. Good music. Kind of nutty crowd, but you get that in the Cross. Anyway, sitting with Josie, she pondered:

“When a guy with a ‘fro sees another guy with a ‘fro, what does he do? Is there confrontation that he no longer the only guy in the room with a ‘fro? Or is there some sort of brotherly acknoledgement going on?”

So, are there any readers out there with a ‘fro? What’s the ‘fro ettique? Inquiring minds need to know!

Bargain hunting

Went a bit crazy of the weekend with secondhand stuff. On Saturday Rozie and I went over to the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children for a toy and book fair. Pretty megre findings (well OK, it was about 2 or so when we go there). I managed to pickup Foundations of Paradise by Arthur C Clarke and Children of Dune, Dune Messiah, Heretics of Dune and God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert all for the princely sum of $10. Also the next day I went back again. Every Sunday they have a small market selling lots of junk, food, plants and other bits and pieces. Picked up an old Sega Saturn for $20. That one’s going to become my first region and CD-R mod. 🙂

Kraftwerk to release box set

Man, can’t wait for this one:

Kraftwerk “12345678 – The Catalogue” will be available on September…

In a recent interview to italian newspaper La Stampa, Ralf Hutter confirmed release of Kraftwerk remastered albums (12345678 – The Catalogue) on September, 2004.

They will be available in separated pieces and as a box, with the original artwork when they were first published.

The 8 albums (Autobahn, Radioactivity, Trans Europe Express, The Man Machine, Computer World, Electric Cafe, The Mix and Tour de France Soundtracks) will be published in CD and vinyl, and later in Super Audio CD, in both English and German versions.

There will not be unreleased material, only the official material with some known bonus tracks. The only modification will occurs with the album Electric Cafe, renamed as TECHNOPOP, with the original graphics and design from original project.

The first three records (Kraftwerk, Kraftwerk 2 and Ralf & Florian) will be released too, after the Catalogue, but as a separated package. The first three records weren’t released officialy on CD format until today, and only available in bootlegs with material copied from the vinyl versions were available.

The concerts of Kraftwerk Tour 2004 are being registered to production of a DVD, to be released in the beginning of next year…

Losing it

On the weekend I had quite a distressing incident happen to me. Actually I don’t think I can ever really remember feeling this distressed. Or completely helpless and powerless to do anything about the situation.

I went to the beach late on Sunday afternoon with BJ to have a quick dip at Bronte Beach. It was cool but the water wasn’t too bad. I dove in the water. Woah, that was fresh. Swam under a wave, surfaced took a couple of strokes on my bodyboard then felt it. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this feeling ever again. The feeling of my wedding ring off my finger and flying into the waves at Bronte.

I completely freaked. I just didn’t know what to do besides freak out. The rip at Bronte is always strong. I knew that. I’ve been hitting this beach since I was teenager. I made a couple of feeble attempts to swim under the waves and try and find it. But fuck, it was past 5pm, the sun was set already so it was getting pretty dark. On top of that my eyesight these days it pretty bad without glasses, so I couldn’t really see that much in focus anyhow.

BJ noticed that I was looking distressed and came to see what was wrong. He helped me make a few more attempts at trying to find it. But I knew it was gone. Perhaps I should have tried harder when it initially came off my finger, but its too late to bother thinking about that. I know I’ll chew myself out over it for years to come like I have time and time again over things so much more insignificant compared to this though.

Well that pretty much finished off the surf early. BJ came back to car with me. I gave Rozie a call and told her the bad news. She took it really well. I think I’m way more bummed about it than she is. I still kills me to think about it and feel that I don’t have it there on my finger.

WordPress 1.2

I’m still finding my way around the latest version of WordPress, but one nice thing that’s been updated is the comment moderation. Previously it was an all or nothing affair, either moderating everything or nothing at all. That didn’t bother me too much, since I don’t get too many comments. But now I can moderate dependant on how many links there are in the comment. Lots of links are usually comment spam, and I’m don’t think any legitimate comments have had any links in them yet. So now anything with no links gets automatically approved. Yay!

The only small annoyance seems to be that Alex King’s WP Since Last Visit plugin is broken. I guess I’ll update when I get around to it.

WordPress gaining props

With the recent changes in the Movable Type licensing, heaps of people have been moving across to the much more free GPLed WordPress blogging software which this blog is running on. A nice article over at Sitepoint linking to some people of interest, one of them stating that they have WordPress up and running in 4 minutes. So what was your problem then, eh Royal? 😉