Mozilla Firefox (previously Mozilla Firebird, previously Phoenix)

Mozilla Firefox iconWhat was previously known as Phoenix and Mozilla Firebird, is now known as Mozilla Firefox, due to various naming issues that cropped up over time. For the Phoenix name, apparently there was already a Phoenix browser created by the BIOS manufacturer of the same name. So they changed it to Mozilla Firebird. Nup. Firebird was already taken by another open source project, a relational database project.

So now, with version 0.8 being released, now it is called Mozilla Firefox. Apparently some of the new features are a Windows Installer, an improved download manager, new add bookmark dialog, a new work offline feature, better handling of file types, new XPInstall frontend, a new default theme for MacOS X and various of bug fixes and improvements.

Make sure you check out the Mac OS X theme if you swing that way. I think its looks pretty darn sweet now. Also worth has a squizz at the Pinstripe theme for Mozilla Thunderbird as well (Mac OS X only! 😉 )

And one more thing that everyone can check out, is the Pornzilla project. Its a collection of “bookmarklets and extensions that enhance porn surfing”. Nice 🙂