Kraftwerk’s first World Tour 2004 concert report

Kraftwerk played at Helsingin Jäähalli, Helsinki, Finland and the event was sold out (about 4,500 people). Since this is their tour for their new album Tour De France Soundtracks, the show is a bit different from what I saw at the Enmore Theatre and the Big Day Out last year. Nice to see the Robots in action though. (Setlist orginally from the Antenna list via 313)

The setlist of show was:

  1. Vocoder intro
  2. Hütter, Schmitz, Hilpert and Schneider were dressed in dark grey suits with red shirts and black ties.

  3. The Man-Machine (animated graphics like back sleeve off the album)
  4. Expo 2000 (graphics from video)
  5. Tour de France 2003 (footage from video)
  6. Vitamin (animated vitamin pills)
  7. Tour de France (old Tour de France footage)
  8. Autobahn (record sleeves, footage of traffic and old car advertisements)
  9. The Model (footage from video)
  10. Neon Lights (footage of neon lights)
  11. Sellafield (text on screen)
  12. Radioactivity (radio-activity signs)
  13. Trans-Europe Express (old train footage)
  14. curtains close
    curtains open, now Hütter, Schmitz, Hilpert and Schneider ties are fitted with LEDs like “The Robots” video.

  15. Numbers/Computer world (numbers/lyrics)
  16. It’s More Fun to Compute/Homecomputer (old computer graphics)
  17. Pocket Calculator (animated pocket calculator, Ralf has mic problems)
  18. curtains close
    curtains open

  19. The Robots (robots only on stage, screen shows footage of the robots)
  20. curtains close
    curtains open, now Hütter, Schmitz, Hilpert and Schneider are wearing the “new” green light-emitting suits

  21. Elektro Kardiogramm (oscillator)
  22. Aero Dynamik (bicycle graphics)
  23. Musique Non Stop (footage from video, band leaves one by one starting with Schneider on the right, Hilpert, Schmitz leaving Hütter on the left to last)