Bugz in the Attic

I went with Benn, Kellie (thanks heaps for the +1’s guys!) and Rozie down to the Chinese Laundry to check out the Bugz in the Attic again on Saturday night since I enjoyed them so much at the Good Vibration Festival. I really enjoyed their set. A darker, more techier set of broken beats, compared to the jazzier, “greatest hits” of broken beat that they delivered at GVF (not that there’s anything wrong with that, just different). The night was made a bit less enjoyable due to the stinking heat and humidity, the punters chucking up in the corner of the club while I was having a sit and cool down (the toilets were just around the corner), the sweaty gurn apes who got crabby when I didn’t want a festy, sweaty gurner hug, feeling like I was about to fall over from being so tired and the scraggy girls dancing with their shoes off (yeeck, the Laundry it the last place I’d want to be bare foot). *sigh* The things I do for music.

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