Robin and Friends

I was searching in Google for “Robin and Friends” and this is what I got. Eeeck!

BTW, does anyone remember Robin and Friends? Was it called something else? Robin and Friends was a cartoon which featured a little dude with a pointy beany on SBS probably around 1998 or so. Robin and his friends used to get up to crazy adventures like breaking into warehouses and skiiing on mountains of cocaine and other such fun. They also featured in a Radiohead film clip for “Paranoid Android”. Anyway, I’d love to get my hand on a DVD or atleast some more information on this cartoon. I can’t seem to find any information at all, except for a brief mention on the Triple J website years ago in reference to the Radiohead filmclip.

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  1. i embarked on some intensive surfing, dodging much filth and stank ;P to uncover Magnus Carlsson’s production company the site is a bit light on details and knowing swedish would probably help too though i haven’t seen any signs of any dvds or the like but i’ll be interested to know if you find anything!
    SBS was showing some cool animations, i remember seeing Aeon Flux for the first time about that time too…

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