XMAME 0.76.1 Released

XMAME 0.76.1 finally was released on Sunday. FreshRPMS has updated RPMS for RedHat users, and also the packages for the great GTK+ based frontend gxmame has been updated to handle the changes to some of the switches which were introduced in MAME 0.74.

Also worth mentioning is a new(ish) site; MameDB. Since the demise of Mame.dk, there hasn’t been a site which has all the information on the games provided in the accessable format which Mame.dk provided. MameDB is there to fill that gap.

New games for MAME 0.76 are as follows Continue reading “XMAME 0.76.1 Released”

Updated my blog

I upgraded my blog to WordPress 0.72. I think it was 0.7 or something like that before. Anyway, things are a little bit different at the moment, but when I get the time, I’ll sort things out back to what it was before, or perhaps something completely different.

[Edit 28/10/2003] OK, things are pretty much back to normal now. Definitely gotta give things a facelift though. I’m getting bored of this layout.

Underground Resistance and Jeff Mills performing in Tokyo

This bastard friend of mine flew across to Japan the other day to catch Underground Resistance play live at the same party as Jeff Mills. The night is called Time Sensitive(en), at Womb in Tokyo, which this month of October has had Jeff Mills as their Friday resident guest dj. Some people have it waaaay too lucky 🙁

Busy weekend

The weekend just past has been a pretty busy one for me. On Friday night, after having drinks for Rob’s birthday at the Moog Bar, Rozie, Matt, Adam and I headed down to Tech-ni-kal for techno legend Kevin Sauderson. Not quite my cup of tea, but pretty much what I expected, fun party techno.

The next day (Saturday) I headed up to Glenworth Valley for Utopia. My friend Dave was playing live and he needed a lift up, so I was more than willing to help out. Unfortunately due to the time slot (4pm), Dave played to pretty much me and Rozie. A few people wandered through, but it was just too damned early for a rave really. Had a fun time and we even stopped off at Pie in the Sky (Sydney’s best damn pie shop that ain’t even in Sydney) for a much needed pie.

At night was Jupiter Jazz down at Bar Europa. It was a pretty fun night. Since we didn’t really do a top job of advertising this party of ours, we were pretty happy with how things panned out. Perhaps next time we should tell people that the party is on… 😉 Here’s the photos from the night. I played earlier on in the night to a smaller crowd, and even got to do some mixing with Native Instruments Traktor DJ Studio along with the usual vinyl that I play. It was definitely great to be able to play out some tracks that I just don’t have on vinyl.

Then on Sunday we headed up to Newcastle for the Southern Outpost and Bug Records showcase; 2300. But before this, earlier in the afternoon we stopped off to check out the Laydeez of the League Skip Rope for Art. You might have seen them before on the ads for ABC and SBS.

Later on in the night was 2300 at the King St Hotel in Newcastle for a night of electro, techno and house music. I played earlier on in the night to a very small crowd, but that was OK. I’ve never dj’ed in such a large space, and my mixing was showing that fact. I’d definitely love to have the chance to play such a nice venue again. Southern Outpost played live later on to their usual high standards (loved the Kraftwerk cover guys!), then Spill and 8-Bit with Ladyboy from Bug Records. All in all a great night with friends. It was a shame people turned up to the party so late, as the venue had to shut at 12am being a Sunday night and all. Oh well. Massive props to Sofie for all the effort she put into organising the night!!

Australian medical alert: ‘Don’t put ice cubes up bottoms’

So the long weekend is coming which means people like to make it a rather large one. People like Paul Dillon from the Australian National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre and other government people like to issue the dangers of going to hard with alcohol and drugs. But this long weekend Australian medical experts are warning would-be first aiders of the dangers of using ice cube “enemas” to revive friends from drug overdoses.”

Paul Dillon was quoted as saying: “The sight of the incapacitated person with their pants around their ankles having people inserting ice cubes is beyond humiliating and potentially dangerous.”