F-Communications and SOMA Records to start montly night in Sydney

Word on the street (and apparently this weeks 3D World) is that F-Communications of France and Soma Records of Scotland are starting up a monthly night in Sydney at the Bourbon (formerly the infamous Bourbon and Beefsteak). Apparently the lineup for the coming months are as follows:

  • February – AlexKid and Hipp-E
  • March – Llorca and Master H
  • April – Funk D’Void and The Youngsters Live
  • Sometime – SLAM and Laurent Garnier Live

After the finishing of Tech-Ni-Kal 2 weeks back, things were looking a bit grim in Sydney. But perhaps things are going to be good this year.

Theo Parrish dates

The dates for Theo Parrish have been confirmed. They are as follows:

MARCH 07th 2004 – ADELAIDE
MARCH 10th – ADELAIDE as part of the WOMAD festival

I think I’ll have to hit up both the Sydney and Newcastle parties for this one. πŸ˜€

Theo Parrish hitting Sydney

Goddam, I’ve been busting to say something about this for ages! Don’t you know how damn hard it is for me to keep a secret?!? Anyway, apparently he’ll be playing at the Bourbon on Saturday 28th February presented by Mischief (a house night put on by Melbourne’s illustrious Honky Tonks). Lets just hope it doesn’t fall through like all the other times. But atleast this time there has been some sort of official announcement, instead of unfounded rumour.

Frigid back from the dead

Wow, Frigid is coming back again. Good one guys!

We can finally announce it… FRIGID IS BACK FROM THE DEAD… after leading surgeons have worked on the corpse, like a Haitian voodoo zombie, it is back. With a few sneaky twists… FRIGID starts again weekly on SUNDAY FEB 29. The best news is that it will be a return to plush loungeroom surrounding not seen since the heyday af the Dendy (1997-8) and it is FREE ENTRY, and that it will be in NEWTOWN! At the newly refurbished @Newtown (the old Newtown RSL). There will be a full first six weeks of lineups available shortly, and some extra special surprises for Easter…

Honestly, we all thought it Frigid wasn’t coming back… but somehow it has – on terms that everyone will like – FREE, Newtown, excellent sound system, lots of comfy seating, dinner and food available, well priced RSL drinks… And everyone is excited and energised. Its just like 1996 all over again… and not only Frigid is back, Club Kooky is coming back too (to the new Club 77)! But it will now be known officially as “Not Kooky”… amazing isn’t it.

Think – if its really 1996 all over again – then we may be so lucky as to have a regime change this year as well in the USA and Australia.

Kenny is coming…

From Peacefrog:

Kenny Larkin – The Narcissist
The Narcissist: Debut album on Peacefrog from Detroit legend Kenny Larkin, set for release 1 March 2004.
11 tracks of some of the finest electronic soul music around, the making of a definite future classic.
A worldwide tour is being scheduled for the time of the album release. Details will be posted soon.
Also look out for a private pressing and 12-inch single in the coming months.

It also looks like they’re going to hit us with a new Moodyman LP and also a new Marco Passarani EP. Bring it on!

Daniel Bell – The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back!

Daniel Bell mix coverI’ve been completely digging the new mix CD of Daniel Bell’s called “The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back!”. An awesome mix of minimal house and a fantastic followup to the “The Button Down Mind” released on Tresor a couple of years back.

Click more for the tracklisting…
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Kool Keith

Last week I went with Rozie, BJ, Patrick, Phil and a few other friends to check out Kool Keith. Its been a while since I’ve seen any live hiphop, and I must say that I found it highly enjoyable. Keith was ripping it up earlier on in the set, but later on he seemed to slow down quite a bit. Probably due to the fact that he seemed really, really stoned. Lucky for him, his sidekick Marc Live was there to back him up, which he did extremely well. So well in fact, in my eyes he almost overshadowed Keith.

One of the more amusing parts of the show was the fried chicken break. Packets of fried chicken and juice poppers were throw into the audience.

You can check out more photos here.

Derrick May @ home nightclub

Just this Saturday night passed, Derrick May played at home nightclub at Cockle Bay for their 5th Birthday party. Not too bad a night, with a pretty decent selection of techno, deep house, bumping latin sounds and some more down tempo sounds from May. Not the best performance of his that I’ve witness, but it couldn’t have been too bad since I left the place at around 5am or so. Anyway, here’s a more thorough review from Benn. I’ll put up some photos into my gallery when I get the chance as well I guess.

Underground Resistance and Jeff Mills performing in Tokyo

This bastard friend of mine flew across to Japan the other day to catch Underground Resistance play live at the same party as Jeff Mills. The night is called Time Sensitive(en), at Womb in Tokyo, which this month of October has had Jeff Mills as their Friday resident guest dj. Some people have it waaaay too lucky πŸ™

James Brown at the Basement?

I was driving to work today and along Crown St saw in big letters on a pole poster saying: JAMES BROWN. It listed support acts Professor Groove and Doug Williams. I got excited. I’m now not excited. It turned out to be a James Brown Tribute night with Professor Groove and Doug Willams. Bah! Hate it when I get my hopes up like that. 😑

Novation ReMOTE25

Wow! I think I just found my ultimate MIDI controller. It has 24 buttons, 8 knobs, 8 encoders and 8 sliders, a 2 octave semi-weighted keyboard, pitch bend joystick and plugs in via USB. All I need now is a decent laptop of my own and I’ll have a nice portable studio.

Looks like it weighs in at £299.00/€418,61, so I guess I’ll have to save up my money for a bit longer than I thought. πŸ™

Upcoming partying

There seems to be a whole lot of stuff going on at the moment. Last weekend, Darshan Jesrani from Metro Area (Environ Records) played at Mad Racket.

This weekend at tech-ni-kal are hosting former DJ Godfather cohort DJ Assault. September 19th (the week after) they’ve got Speedy J, then at the start of October they’ve got legendary Detroit Dj/Producer Kevin Saunderson of KMS fame. Bloody hell!

Also coming up is the Deep Space hosted night at Bar Europa in the City, Jupiter Jazz. More laid back styles than the usual Deep Space parties. It’ll be a nice selection of house and deeper techno. DJs on the night are Colour, James Bond, Patrick HAF, Phil Chan, RZ-1, Sleepy and XXX. And its free! Oh, its on Saturday the 4th October by the way.

The following night the Southern Outpost celebrate their 5th birthday up in Newcastle with 2300. It features Southern Outpost live, and a host of other DJ’s. More details when they come.