Frigid back from the dead

Wow, Frigid is coming back again. Good one guys!

We can finally announce it… FRIGID IS BACK FROM THE DEAD… after leading surgeons have worked on the corpse, like a Haitian voodoo zombie, it is back. With a few sneaky twists… FRIGID starts again weekly on SUNDAY FEB 29. The best news is that it will be a return to plush loungeroom surrounding not seen since the heyday af the Dendy (1997-8) and it is FREE ENTRY, and that it will be in NEWTOWN! At the newly refurbished @Newtown (the old Newtown RSL). There will be a full first six weeks of lineups available shortly, and some extra special surprises for Easter…

Honestly, we all thought it Frigid wasn’t coming back… but somehow it has – on terms that everyone will like – FREE, Newtown, excellent sound system, lots of comfy seating, dinner and food available, well priced RSL drinks… And everyone is excited and energised. Its just like 1996 all over again… and not only Frigid is back, Club Kooky is coming back too (to the new Club 77)! But it will now be known officially as “Not Kooky”… amazing isn’t it.

Think – if its really 1996 all over again – then we may be so lucky as to have a regime change this year as well in the USA and Australia.