Finally a coffee from Toby’s Estate

On Saturday I had a tasty breakfast in Chippendale at Cafe Giuloa’s (their website appears to be offline at the time of writing). Three super-thick pancakes with maple syrup and unfortunately not enough cream kept me well sated until later on in the late afternoon. But, I did rather feel like some coffee after walking around the overly muddy Live Green Festival (put on by the City of Sydney Council) on City Road, so we decided to head to Toby’s Estate.

If you’re moderately serious about your coffee in Sydney then you’ve probably already heard all the good things about Toby’s Estate Coffee (if not, then where have you been? 😉 ).So this was the first time I’d managed to get there for a coffee and boy did they deliver. A perfectly brewed, delicious picolo latte. Hmmm. Seeing as they’re a bit closer than the fab Campos Coffee up in Newtown, I think Campos has a new contender for favourite coffee in town (although I didn’t see any affogato on the menu at Toby’s Estate). Or perhaps there’s just a good excuse to drink more coffee on the weekends…

23 thoughts on “Finally a coffee from Toby’s Estate”

  1. If you’re moderately serious about your coffee in Sydney then you’ve probably already heard all the good things about Toby’s Estate Coffee.
    Good! i think is a new way and place to enjoy more good coffee!


  2. I haven’t been to Sydney for over 10 years, my loss. Just wanted to pop in and mention that if any of your readers find themselves on the South Shore of Montreal then they should pop into a little cafe called Zeeba. Man- I had a really good cappuccino there this morning. Keep up the nice work here..

  3. As i can see i the photo coffee in Toby’s Estate Coffee looks very delicious! I am very keen on coffee and i love this coffee cream. Would you suggest this place for taking a great cup of coffee? If so, then i will try to get there as soon as possible.

    Thanks for suggestion.

  4. Aww, cute flower! There is a place around here called blue bottle coffee that does these really intricate flower designs, a lot like that, only with more branching in the design. It sure must be hard to make those if you are dipping into your own merchandise!

  5. the picture on the right looks like the perfect cup of coffee! 🙂 I just went to Toby’s Estate coffee website and it looks very professional (and delicious) – I think I going to have to check this out in more detail – or in other words drink some of there coffee.

  6. Wow,now that’s one awesome cup of coffee. Wish I could have one now. Had a rough day. Anyway looks like its all worth a try. had enough of Starbucks. I think I’ll check this out when I’m there. Thanks for the information.

  7. Smells like an amazing coffee! ha-ha. Anyway, I prefer roasting at home and grinding them myself. But i’ve tried australian beans ( not familiar with the name though) and it was really – really amazing to taste and smell.

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