Australian Fashion Week: Material Boy

Thommy @ MAFW
Thommy (with ruby-red bow tie and cap) at his catwalk debut. Source: gettyimages

On Sunday Rozie and I went to our first Australian Fashion Week show (ok, so I think it’d be my first fashion show ever, hey, I’m IT guy…) to watch Thommy in his catwalk debut for Melbourne designers Material Boy. The outfits were all pretty crazy with them being heavily influenced by Super Mario Bros (bonus points there for daveg fashion relevance!). Pointy boots, tight jeans with super-low crotches, puffy shorts, all in hyper-real, video game primary colours. Can’t say I’d see alot of that stuff being worn day to day (how often is that point anyhow at fashion shows?) but the concept was kinda cool I guess.

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  1. I just saw the rest of the collection on gettyimages. It reminds of a wacko label called cassetteplaya (she dresses M.I.A)

  2. hey who are to judge material boy

    this guy is a high end ledgend and a inspriation to all up young up coming fashion designers

    ‘cool i guess’
    get with the times, its from JAPAN thats how its done

    its hard for people to change things these days
    the 70’s look done and been done agen same with the 80’s material boy is here with something that you cant picture someone wearing.
    it pains me to see that critics are not understanding that you arent here to voice bad info. but to voice the peoples words

  3. “it pains me to see that critics are not understanding that you arent here to voice bad info. but to voice the peoples words”

    Ruben, I’m not a “critic”, just some regular guy who has his own personal blog who went along to see his friend model. Its just my opinion, you don’t have to get all pissy about it. In other words, I’m also “the people”.

    As for your comment “get with the times, its from JAPAN thats how its done”, get it right, Material Boy is a Melbourne based designer.

  4. who wouldn’t wear it day to day, i would and i do. It’s frwsh and fantastic. i want the entire collection….

  5. I like the guy on the left with the bow tie, hes got it going on! The look is quite fresh too.


  6. material boy is pretty dope
    im from perth and only one outlet i know of sells it here, but i jst cant see alot of ppl getting along with this kind of fashion, perth isnt ready for something as farout as this, melbourne for sure, but perth kids follow trends and bigname brands, it if starts getting alot of ware mabe they will catch on

  7. OMG! he is sooo fu**en pretty!
    dude im a girl and even i would wear that or get my bf to wear it!
    but yes, i agree with “bazza” im from perth aswell and i dont think perth would go along with this trend at all! we dont roll liike thaat??


  8. It sure is fun attending a fashion show like the one you went to in Australia. I like photography and I like taking pictures of women on the catwalk doing their thing.

  9. Hi! I noticed that my website isn’t appearing well just in case you want to read what I think about fashion being a fashion buff that I also am. Cheers!

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