Another crazy ebay auction

What’s with people selling of entire collections. Today’s crazy auction is a guy selling off thousands and thousand of 7″ records. Currently the auction is at US$5200.00. The catch is that you have to go to New York to got and pick them up. No delivery!

The time has come to clean out my basement, and if you want thousands and thousands and thousands of 45s you may be just the person to do it!

I’m 60 years old next month and I’ve been collecting (hoarding) records since I was a kid. For years I sold records in Goldmine and Discoveries magazines as Steal-A-Record, all the while buying more and more records. When eBay started I began selling records on eBay. But somewhere along the way I switched over to selling comic books (as Steal-A-Comic) and for a few years now I’ve been wondering what to do with the thousands and thousands and thousands of 45s I’d accumulated.

Well the time has come to get rid of them all and I do mean ALL! And that’s the catch. THEY CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE SHIPPED! The winner must pick them up. AND THE WINNER CANNOT PICK AND CHOOSE…EVERYTHING MUST GO! Here’s what we’re talking about.

The NES collection I previously mentioned closed at US$10,099.99 without the reserve being met.

4 thoughts on “Another crazy ebay auction”

  1. Pretty crazy, and the minimum bid wasn’t even met 🙂 It’s amazing what people sell on ebay, and even more amazing that people will actually buy it too! I use ebay for things here and there, but I don’t consider myself a junk collector! LOL….

  2. Another good Ebay story…

    Its a shame though, i bet that guy misses them all now. I like it when people try to sell themselves, but that says alot more about their own problems.

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