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For the leechers

If you’re on Telstra Bigpond, you might have noticed that everyone’s usage meter got reset to 0MB over the weekend. Apparently it was because they’d been counting bandwidth usages from their “unmetered” sites such as Bigpond Files, Gamearena, etc. There’s some more talk on the subject over at the Whirlpool Forums.

For the film buffs

Went to good ole Mac Centre on the weekend with Rozie to watch Batman Begins. Most excellent. A very adult interpretation of the Batman franchise. Very low on the camp/cheese factor of the previous movies (even though I did enjoy them. How good was the Prince soundtrack for the first movie?) Rozie thought it was the best Hollywood flick for her this year. She liked Chrisitan Bale alot. Can’t say I dug Katie Homles that much (begone eviiil Scientologist!). Lots of cold nipple action from her for some reason though. I think even if you don’t care too much for Batman in general that this would still be an enjoyable movie for most.

A whole lot better than Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith!

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  • How to lose weight and hair through stress and poor nutrition
    (tags: howto diet)
  • This is needed: gps-receiver, backpack with laptop(Tatonka Serverpack with Gateway Solo 2500), keyboard, trackball (from old broken laptop), helmet (giro switchblade) with display (old viewfinder)
    (tags: coolshit hack)
  • A round-robin, all city, 24/7 water-gun assassination tournament
    (tags: coolshit)

Great Moments in Instant Messaging

[some_moron]: Hi David!
[some_moron]: Are you there?
[me]: Hi. Yes, I am. That’s why my status isn’t “away”
[some_moron]: Oh, great!
[some_moron]: Can I call you?
[some_moron]: What’s you’re number?
[me]: You’re already talking to me now. Why do you have to call me?
[some_moron]: Because, I need to ask you some questions
[me]: And this can’t be done over IM?
[me]: *sigh* OK…

Why oh why do people time and time again do this to me? If you want to call me, just call me! Don’t IM me, then ask me if you can call me. It’s completely redundant FFS. If I can’t speak to you on IM, there’s a pretty good chance (like a 100% chance) that I can’t speak to you on the phone.

And asking for my number. At work we have this really nice corporate whitepages system, which some poor group of developers have spent lots and lots of their time, coding, so that people don’t have to do dumb stuff like send emails (which already have signatures with phone numbers of the people that they’re asking the number of) or IM’s asking what somebody’s number is.

These tools are there to make like easier… use them!

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