Chilli Kettle Chips

It is of grave concern to me that I’ve noticed that its becoming quite difficult to track down packets of Chilli Kettle Chips. I can find the much lamer Sweet Chilli variety and also the many other varieties, but I can only seem to find the Chilli ones in the cafeteria at my work. I hope it just means that they’re popular and not that they’re getting phased out… 🙁

MythTV Torture – Part 1

So since last Friday I’ve been attempting to get my new PC up and running with MythTV. I’ve built a HTPC using some the following components:

  • AMD Athlon64 3000+
  • 1 gigabyte of Kingmax RAM
  • DVICO FusionHDTV Plus
  • 250Gb Seagate SATA HDD

I used the apparently simpler KnoppMyth boot cd to install MythTV. Its a sort of live CD based on Debian. Its been bloody annoying so far.

KnoppMyth’s default kernel ( appears to detect the digital TV tuner card. But I can’t get any signal from this fucking thing. According to some people, I needed to patch the kernel using this patch. No dice. Now the system can’t even tell that there’s a card there at all.

Then to get the bloody remote controller working, you have to patch lirc. Unfortunately the patch only patches against an older version of lirc (0.7.0) than what is included in debian (0.7.1pre2). SO, I have to uninstall all the lirc debs, but when I do that, due to dependancies, it goes to remove xawtv, xmame-common, xmame-gl, xmame-sdl and xmame-x.Get fucked. I don’t think so. This is pathetic.

Then due to some wacky reason that I can’t figure out, networking attempts to start up before any kernel modules have been loaded. No network card module, no networking starting… what the hell!?!

OK, so its not all bad. Downloading of the TV schedule works as it should, MAME, SNES and NES emulation all works nicely. It’ll play my mp3s, although the interface for browsing songs is completely retarded. Programs like iTunes and Rhythmbox can provide some inspiration here surely.

It’ll play most of my videos (although, as I expected, it barfs on realmedia and quicktime movies).

Most of the documentation that I’ve seen for this project has been pretty appauling. Its been a while, but the documentation is that bad that I actually want to contribute to this darn project.And I think I will. I don’t think I can sleep at night knowing that other people are stumbling round, experiencing the same level of pain and agony that I’m currently going through. There are some MythTV wikis, but even though appear to be pretty sparse.

I’ve also started looking into the MythGame modules. The current NES configuration module doesn’t support passing any switches to the emulator (FCE Ultra). So far I’ve put the switches I need into a script, then I get the module to use that instead of the fceu binary. Looking through the other MythGame modules, it shouldn’t be too difficult to write a complete configuration module for this emulator.

If that all works, I’ll probably look at some other emulators like perhaps Hu-Go! (PC Engine) and DGen/Gens (Sega Genesis/Megadrive) if someone else hasn’t already.

So far going to work at 3am on Sunday morning to attend to a network outage on a production server was actually less annoying than this experience has been. I feel like I’ve gone back a decade when I first started messing around with linux, spending way too long on am XF86config file or attempting to get a working ppp or slip chat script. I can’t say I’d recommend mythtv at all at this point in time. Hopefully I’ll get around all these hurdles (there’s really only two large ones right now) I’ll be less pissed off about, but for now, arrrgh…

Update: It should probably be noted that most of my problems with this setup come down to my choice in digital tv tuner card. There are other choices out there which are supposed to work better. The only problem I found when selecting a card was that either the ones that worked were analogue or were EOL’ed. Or if I could find ones that worked in Australia, they didn’t support linux at all.

In regards to the remote controller, KnoppMyth works with Hauppage controllers out of the box (why lirc doesn’t have support for more than one controller without having to recompile is beyond me… I’m sure there’s some reason for it). Right now a bluetooth, RF or IR keyboard is looking a lot more tempting (and less painful).

Next-Gen Gaming So Hot Right Now

Nintendo Gameboy Micro

Lots of tasty looking gaming platforms on the horizon:

  • Sony Playstation 3
  • Microsoft xbox360
  • Nintendo Revolution
  • Nintendo Gameboy Micro

Its all happening. All this sexy new hardware to burn cash on.Check out BigKid’s comparison on the xbox360 and the PS3. Not much details kicking around for the Nintendo Revolution. The Gameboy Micro appears to be a smaller and sexier GBA, for the “image conscious”. Don’t think I’ll be replacing my GBA Classic NES Edition though 😀

Over at Mininova there’s a torrent labeled “Nintendo Revolution Day Video Nintendo On” but it appears to be solely about some piece of gaming hardware called Nintendo On, which looks like some sort of immersive game controller (ala Virtual Boy perhaps).


Melbourne was great. Its been quite a while since I’ve been down and I’d kinda forgotten how much I like the place.

Rozie and I checked out the Andy Warhol Time Capsules exhibition at the NGV. We enjoyed it since Rozie and I are hoarders as well. Probably about 100 or so archive boxes worth of Andy Warhol’s stuff. Photos, letters, newspapers, clothes, shoes, book, records, whatever. Just stuff he’d collected over the years up until he died in 87. Some things didn’t interest me that much, be it was great seeing photos of old celebrites, record covers, letters from people asking for autographed photos or perhaps requesting Andy to put on a show at their gallery or perhaps submit some work.

We also down to the Australian Center for the Moving Image in Federation Square. Some damn fine visual experiments being projected around the screen room that have on the bottom floor the of the center. This guy here had this crazy three screen time slicing bizness. Awesome.

We of course did some shopping on Chapel and Greville. Dakota 501 had all 35 35th anniversary Adidas Superstars in the window of their shop. Photos coming soon of that. No. 35 from the collection and the case that goes with it is awesome!

Weather was nice, food was great with Saigon Rose for dinner (Vietnamese) and Borsch, Vodka and Tears (Polish I think) being great for an afternoon snack. Coffee wasn’t as good in Melbourne though as it is in Sydney. Go figure :-\

And since Rozie loves fish, we went to the aquarium was which fun as well. There was some people scuba diving in the main tank of the aquarium when we were there as well.

Picked up a couple of records from Rhythm and Soul, Collectors Corner and Greville Records. Mainly picked up stuff that I hadn’t got in the past:

  • Moodymann – The thief that stole my sad days / Ya blessin’ me
  • Moodymann – Don’t Be Misled!
  • Moodymann – Joy Pt. II
  • Basscheck 1980-2005 – compiled by Slope
  • Titonton Duvante – Voyeurism
  • Midnight Star – Midas Touch
  • Herbie Hancock – Headhunters
  • Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes – All Their Greatest Hits

The Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes compilation features “The Love I Lost” which Theo Parrish edited to devastating effect on Ugly Edits Vol.2. An awesome 70’s soul/funk number if there ever was. Had to get a copy of Headhunters on vinyl just for the second part of “Chameleon”, which is probably my favourite Hancock song. All the Moodyman records were part of all the represses of the KDJ back catalogue which has been going on recently(ish). I’ve never really bought many KDJ records in the past, so it was great to catch on some missed moments.

Stuff you should do

Well I’m actually heading off to Melbourne with Rozie this weekend to check out the Andy Warhol Time Capsules Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. But if I was in Sydney this weekend, I’d probably do the following:

Thursday: decoded at the Burdekin Hotel in Darlinghurst for some electro, techno, tech house and minimal electronics with anthony box, brad c, dave mccann and guest marshall and aka. Free entry. (flyer here)
Friday: Architecture in Helsinki at the Annandale Hotel for some twee-pop. $15 on the door.
Saturday: Paradise Lost “Le Chic Discotheque” at the Sly Fox in Enmore with Brut33 and Sly Mangles playing wildstyle disco and electrofunk covering everything from motown to the mainline. Free entry. (flyer here)
Sunday: Frigid at @Newtown for DJ Olive. Free entry.

Except for the Architecture in Helsinki gig, its a great weekend for tight arses!