Last Dark Energy radio show this Saturday

Say it ain’t so. Due to some “changes” at 2SER recently, the Dark Energy guys will be calling it a day. Your show will be sorely missed guys. I know that for me and many, many other people, you’ve made Saturday night radio an absolutely luxurious pleasure over the last 8 years and introduced to lots of music that we probably wouldn’t have been able to get any other way. So much pleasure and luxury that would make Rocco proud! So many good times and musical pleasure.

Just a quick note that after 8 years on 2SER FM, Dark Energy will be calling it a night this Saturday 16th.

We will be doing an extra long show this Saturday… We are going to bring out the best for this one.

Dark Energy DJ’s:
James Bond
The Sentinel/Patrick HAF

Cost: Free
Where: 107.3 FM
Time: 11:30pm – very, very late.

2 thoughts on “Last Dark Energy radio show this Saturday”

  1. Something had to keep me entertained throughout uni assignment nites!!! thank god i finished uni

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