New Kenny Larkin Dates for Australia

Phew. It looks like Kenny Larkin isn’t coming to Sydney this week. According to ITM, he’ll be in Australia in December.

Tour Dates:
Friday November 26th – Auckland (Morrison Nightclub)
Saturday November 27th – Wellington (Sandwhiches Nightclub)
Friday December 3rd – Melbourne (Public Office/Soma Corp)
Saturday December 4th – Sydney (Gas Nightclub)

Now there’s more time to enjoy the Southern Outpost Record Launch. And here’s an interview with Kenny from earlier in the year. And also interviews with Southern Outpost from 3D World and In The Mix

One thought on “New Kenny Larkin Dates for Australia”

  1. ha, they have to hype it up enough to actually get enuf $ to put the party on!! as if sydney can raise funds in a week! 😛

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