6 thoughts on “Meh… bloody horses…”

  1. Melb Cup is so not hot right now. I would even go so far as to say it’s just ghey.

    More like Mehbourne Cup…

  2. neigh, me neither. However.. if current work was providing free food & booze and an afternoon off (like my old work did), i might change my mind

  3. I kept working while others were doing Melbourne Cup stuff. I found more enjoyment doing my work.. is that a bad thing?

  4. Well I worked ’til 2am the night before. Worked from 7.30am and in the cab to the racetrack. Fielded calls all day and drank San Miguel and tasty seafood all afternoon.

    It’s not that bad. 😉

    I worked some more when I got home too.. that was pretty meh. :()

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