Happy Birthday Nadia

A late happy birthday to me mate Nads. Not that she reads this. Or does she? Anyway, much fun was had at her party on Sunday night at the Hollywood Hotel. Everyone has fun there don’t they? Well Joanne and Thommy got hassled by some random blonde for not playing enough “current” music (for crying out loud, it was Nadia’s party ya scrag!), Adam put in a good effort of trying to get into a fight and Matt C got hit on byone or two random girlies on the prowl. I had an awesome time, cumulating to my kareoke performance of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” (Too cold! Too cold!). I feel I now have a calling… but I have to deal with that meddling Cyia first. I feel she may be a hinderance to my future in the kareoke industry…

Oh yeah, I’ll try and get photos from the party online tomorrow, I swear!

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