New job stress

Well some of you may know that I recently got a new job. Its still with the same company, but in a different area doing something close to my heart, Linux. 😀 So I thought I was supposed to be starting my new job on Wednesday. I decided to chat to my now old manager this afternoon just to make sure and everything.

Me: “So, just to make sure. I’m starting this job tomorrow right?”
Old Manager: “Ummm, I thought you were starting today?”
Me: “Uh. OK. I got told by Mr X (temporary manager while old manager was on holidays) that I was starting tomorrow”
O.M.: “OK, let me just check my emails… Hmm. OK. Its says here the 27th, but it doesn’t say whether your finishing or starting on that date. Let me give your new manager a call.”
Me: Wow, vote of confidence. I walked back to my desk while O.M. called my new manager.

Turned out Mr X kinda sorta agreed to me starting or something around that date, but didn’t get back to my new manager. I think. And O.M. had assumed that everything had been sorted out. Not so. Arrgh. Well I start next Tuesday now after my trip to Wellington to visit my good mate Martin. So hopefully I’ll be happy and refreshed after that. I was kind of dreading starting tomorrow anyway. Not sure if its new job jitters, the fact that I haven’t started a new job in almost 5 years or the combination of too much caffeine and the new asthma medication I’m currently on (it does contain pulmicort (sp?) which has made me feel pretty anxious in the past 🙁 ).

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  1. Wowie. I thought my manager was the only one that suffered from vagueness. Oh how naive of me!
    Good luck with your new job 🙂

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