SNES on Dreamcast

Last night I burnt up a CD-R with DreamSNES, a nice Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for the Dreamcast. Busted out some Super Mario World, R-Type III and Super Ghouls and Ghosts. Fun fun! I wasted a few blank CD-R’s in the process though. Must rememeber this forum topic over at DC Emulation for burning Dreamcast CD’s under linux.

I’m also currently got a Dreamcast VMU, Keyboard, Mouse and extra game controller on order. Now all I’ve got to find now is a Broadband Adapter and I’ll have a nice cheap web terminal for the TV room.

5 thoughts on “SNES on Dreamcast”

  1. hello. have tried many many times to get a hold of a dreamsnes disc with snes roms on it. Have tried soooo many times to make one. Would love love love to trade an snes disc for a nes disc. The nes disc i have has over 400 games on it. I would be very interested in trading to get a copy that worked… Interested??? hit me back… thanx, herbie

  2. Wut up dude just seein If u could hook me up wit that SNES emulator and roms for da dreamcast I got pleanty lil backups if u want to trade wit me hit me up if u interested…gracias

  3. Did this too back in the day, good stuff =P

    Seems to be an old post, but I just came across this post. Running SNES emulator on dreamcast is nice =P

  4. SNES is one of the greatest systems ever dude, lover SNES emulation
    I work on hacking roms all the time

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