In tha ‘ping

So now I’m in tha ‘ping (Epping y’all). I feel like I’m slowly being suffocated. I think Mum’s cats are giving the worst asthma and hayfever I’ve had in a long time (probably about 3 years). Mum wants to leave one of her cats here, but I think she’ll have to take both of them with her.

All our stuff is all around the house. Mum was under some sort of strange assumption that Rozie and I didn’t have much stuff. Hah! If you’ve been around to our house before, you’d know that Rozie and I are mad horders. With each subsequent move, we’ve thrown stuff out. But we still have heaps of junk. So now that we’re in Epping, most of our stuff is in boxes in the lounge room, with some other bits here and there. Its driving both of us batty.

Rozie had a dentist appointment in Pazzamatta today, so I went for a wander around while she got poked and prodded. I went down to the trusty Cash Converters and managed to pickup a second-hand Sega Dreamcast for $39.95 baybee. “I must be some sort of neanderfuck!”. And Soul Caliber for $10 to boot with that shiiit. Yeah. There does seem to be some sort of development community around the Dreamcast, but the MAME projects seemed to have died off. Bummer. I’ll have to find out what other games are good on the DC if I can find more for $10.

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