Aphex Twin and Luke Vibert

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I went with Adam, Nadia and Rozie to see Aphex Twin and Luke Vibert on Tuesday night at the Metro. Personally I loved it. It was a crazy mix of acid house (thanks to Vibert) and all the fun stuff from early 90’s rave music; acid techno, breakbeat, hardcore/gabber and drum ‘n’ bass. Absolutely heaps of 303 noises going on for most of the night. I haven’t heard that acid noises at a party in such a long time. I think for the most part though, big Aphex fans were disappointed the music was too “dancy” and didn’t deliver what he is known for, experimental music. A big thumbs up for me though, as it sounded as though Aphex and Vibert were delivering a custom set for a party, not some sort of noodly experimental electronics music wankfest. Good on them! Perhaps I feel this way as I’m not too attached or sentimental about RDJ, so I was going to be more or less happy with what he delivered.