Setting up a Linux box as an iTunes Server

Both Mac OS X Hints have articles on setting up a Linux box as an iTunes Server. Basically three things are required: the Apple Rendezvous multicast DNS advertiser, a daapd service and a Samba share called “music”. Very nice. This could solve the problem of having music spread across a couple of computers at home. Now all I need is a larger hard drive for my server.

Currently there are no rpm packages for Rendezvous or daapd, so I guess I could build some of those up during the week. Also of note (to perhaps put in the daapd package) is an init script for the daapd service.

Created by migurski:

This script can be used to start and stop daap service automatically. When placed in /etc/init.d/ (Red Hat), it becomes a service that can be started up at boot time. Modify $musicdir and the IP address in the mDNSProxyResponderPosix line to suit your local configuration.

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