Currently the excellent MAME information and ROM repository is offline. It would appear that their web hosting company went bust.

Update 08/Dec/2003: For those of you who desperately want back, and can’t figure out how to find ROMs by any other means, you can either hit up Usenet (alt.binaries.emulators.mame) or hookup with a ROM burner in your area. Also other suggested reading is on Usenet. Also this site looks like it could be good for getting individual ROMs.

Derrick May @ home nightclub

Just this Saturday night passed, Derrick May played at home nightclub at Cockle Bay for their 5th Birthday party. Not too bad a night, with a pretty decent selection of techno, deep house, bumping latin sounds and some more down tempo sounds from May. Not the best performance of his that I’ve witness, but it couldn’t have been too bad since I left the place at around 5am or so. Anyway, here’s a more thorough review from Benn. I’ll put up some photos into my gallery when I get the chance as well I guess.