Good Food in Sydney

The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide for 2004 is out, and so are the hats. Looks like there some more restuarants to add to my todo list. harbourkitchen&bar is coming up for my first year wedding anniversary, so that’s one I can strike off the list. Time to start hammering the Entertainment Book.

Restaurant of the Year: Rockpool
Best New Restaurant: Icebergs Dining Room and Bar
Best Country Restaurant: Selkirks, OrangeMetropolitan

Three hats
est *down one hat
Marque *up one hat

Two hats
Becasse *up one hat
Bistro Moncur
Buon Ricordo
Forty One
Guillaume at Bennelong
Icebergs Dining Room and Bar *new entry
MG Garage *down one hat
Otto *up one hat
Restaurant Balzac *up one hat
Sailors Thai
Sean’s Panaroma
Yoshii * New

One hatAlio
Aqua Luna
Aria *down one hat
Azuma *new
Bathers’ Pavilion
Restaurant *down one hat
Bistro Lulu
Cala Luna
Catalina Rose Bay
Certo Ristorante Cottage Point Inn
dish *new
East Ocean *new
Golden Century
Il Piave
Kam Fook Chatswood
Ocean King House Pavilion on the Park
Perama *new
Prime *new
Rise *new
Ristorante Riva
Sailors Thai Canteen
Savage *new
Sea Treasure
Shun Tak Seafood
Restaurant *new
Sushi-E *new
Three Clicks West *new
Wasavie *new
The Wharf
Zenith on Booth *new

7 thoughts on “Good Food in Sydney”

  1. Oh yeah… the Entertainment book rocks. Went to Ash’s on Saturday night. However, out of the ‘gold pages’, we went to Alio a few months back – well wortht it. One hat is spot on.

    Major pass on Icebergs though. Was taken there through work about 3 months back, it was good, not great. Amazing vista though. Lucky to get 2 hats IMHO.

  2. I can’t comment on Rockpool. I went to Wockpool though when it was open. It had that real “I should’ve just visited my grandma for dinner” kind of feel. The Mahjong Room is like that as well. Its good if your relatives can’t cook that kinda thing for you though 🙂

  3. Whilst some of the 2/3 hat restaurants are fantastic, you have to weight up all the factors, including the $$$. Tets was brilliant when I went there many moons ago, but the cost was well… just a little pricey.

    Grappa gets a hat, but its location bites!! Balzac well deserves the two, that’s for sure, and at those prices – what a brilliant little restaurant.

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