New Technics Digital Turntable photos

There’s been a bit of coverage on the new Technics SLDZ1200 digital turntables. It plays CD’s and SD-Card. Apparently it is going to be released this weekend:

Technics are set to exclusively unvale the new CD DJ turntable at this years Plasa Show. The SL-DZ1200 is based on the Technics SL1210 turntable motor . The big unvaling will be at 3pm on DJ Sunday (September 7th). In addition they are set to showcase a new 4 channel mixer, with the same look as the SL-DZ1200 Plasa is on from Sunday 7th – Wednesday 10th September.
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9 thoughts on “New Technics Digital Turntable photos”

  1. Well it’s about time Technics…but looks hell-a-HEAVY!…but still damn…i would love a set…

  2. Technics is a good company. I have one of their amplifiers and it has lasted for years, works great. I think they make a quality product.

  3. I really felt it was time when they had to come up with some thing … It is better late than never.

    It looks heavy But I think that i will be grabbing a set.

  4. Technics does make good turntables. I remember anticipating the release of the SLDZ1200 digital turntable as well. I really enjoy using USB turntables. They really make my life easier when transfering old LPS to mp3. Some of the newer ones really make a difference. It is now very easy to do so. You can literally transfer an LP to an MP3 with the click of a button. The hardest part is archiving all your mp3 by labelling them correctly. Worked at a radio station for a while and using Jasler….had to archive tens of thousands of Mp3’s…..

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