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On the EFF website there is an email campaign against SCO‘s tactics against Linux.

Linux Users Unite: Stop SCO!

The SCO Group, Inc. recently announced that it plans to sue individual Linux users if they refuse to pay the company a $700 licensing fee. This is an effort designed by SCO to bolster its licensing claims against IBM and Red Hat by beating up on people who can’t afford a multimillion-dollar defense. SCO hasn’t proven that it has a right to collect this money at all, so its attempt to hold end-users liable is a terrible misuse of the legal system. Tell Congress that SCO’s tactics are unacceptable!

Bouldering in Sydney/AU

Found a two sites which have some guides on bouldering in Sydney and Australia in general. First up is Australian Bouldering. Pretty simple site, but more of less has the pertinent information. They have guides, interviews, photos and a magazine. The other one is vi bouldering. Very pretty site that’s based on flash… which has no real reason to be based on flash… except to be pretty. Which really annoys me. And the menu on the main page is a bloody pain. The words are on a right angle and also its bit of a game to try and click on the link that you want. *Phew* But after those interface annoyances that will probably make me never go back to that site (or just bookmark the relavant sections) the info ain’t too bad.

Mozilla Suite 1.5 beta released

OK, so it’s yesterday’s news. But hey. Mozilla 1.5 beta has been released. This release features lots of bugfixes, the inclusion of a spellchecker for Messenger and Composer, and lots of minor feature improvements to Navigator, Messenger, Composer and Chatzilla. Apparently it fixes GDI issues in Windows, so perhaps now it’ll stop hogging all my system memory. That’d be nice.

Also there is a new build out of Thunderbird. Its the first release candidate for version 0.2 and can be found here.

And over here are some nice new icons for Mozilla Firebird.

firebird icons

Moving servers

Apparently the server that this is hosted on is getting retired. It was supposed to be retired on Saturday. But here I am, still blogging away. Blogging away like I ain’t never blogged before… I really should move it over to the main dorja box, along with sorting out my insurance… hmmm… so lazy. But hey, I just love tempting fate. I successfully drove around Sydney for 3 years with no car insurance without an accident (ok, just one tiny scratch). Somedays/months/years I’m just too lucky. Gotta love being a dragon!

Mac OS X Terminal.app replacement

A nice looking Terminal.app replacement is iTerm. Apparently it features “Xterm compatibility” and “better VT100 emulation”. I’ll have to give it a crack when I get home. It bothers me when I try to use terminal apps like vim. Pressing the page up and down and various other keys seems to illicit different results to what I’m used to in other terminals (although it could mean I should learn to use vim properly ;-)). The other nice feature that is have is tabs. Oh baby, can’t get enough of those tabbed applications! 😉

Also, here’s a nice screenshot of iTerm in action:

iTerm screenshot

Other features include, Native Cocoa application that supports OS X, Applescript support, transparent windows, address book, anti-idle function that avoids disconnection because of no activity and supported language encodings with localizations for Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, Japanese and Korean

New music in at SID shop

Over at the SID Shop there is a bunch of new tasty releases. Three newies on UR (Mad Mike, DJ Rolando and the Aquanauts), first release on new label Ignitor (Orlando Voorn), a new Red Planet EP and a new one on Hipnotech from DJ Dez. One of the more interesting things they done is release a bunch of 7″ ep’s which accompany the 12″ ep’s on UR and Red Planet. They’re supposed to be B-Sides that didn’t get pressed onto the 12″ eps. Nice concept for the collectors. Bit of a biatch on the wallet, but when has vinyl collecting not been for stuff like this?

Also while on the subject of Detroit electronic music, my friend Benn is selling a few bits and pieces on Ebay. A couple of Plus 8 Ep’s and some ghettotech as well.

Finally… more photos

After repeated requests, pleas, beggings and accidentally deleting my entire online photo gallery, I’ve finally gotten around to upload a bunch of photos that Rozie and I have take of stuff that’s happened over the last couple of months

We’ve got the illustrious Josephine Wan’s epic 30th birthday, prefuse73 at the Gaelic Club, BMG at Mad Racket, the final Cut & Paste at the Spanish Club, Gabby’s excellent exhibition “Chasing Horizons” at First Draft Gallery in Surry Hills, and some incriminating photos of the Surry Fools apparently playing soccer or something like that in Moore Park.

Bring back those old DOS games back to life!

Having a browse through my local friendly apt repository I found this nice program called DOSBox. It appears to be essentially a 286 and 386 emulator. Its great for all those old games that just won’t run from the command line of more modern operating systems. So far I’ve play Warlords 1 & 2, the Leisure Suit Larry Series, the Elite Series, Civilization, Thexder, Solar Winds 1 & 2 and Rampage. It doesn’t support protected mode games, so games from around the mid nineties don’t (stuff like Doom and that which used the DOS4GW type environments).

It emulates the Sound Blaster card, which is nice and it works under Windows, BeOS, Linux and Mac OS X, so you’ve got NO excuse not to give this a crack 😉 And over here is the list of supported games.