Celebrating my 2 year work anniversary at @bigcommerce. Also finally got the office arcade machine working and won the engineering hammer for my efforts 🤘😎🎉🕹ī¸ #bigcommercelife

TFW not only is it National Donut Day, but your work has organised donuts and they’re @woahnellybakes donuts which are pretty much my favourite donuts in Sydney #donuts #nationaldonutday #bigcommercelife

We had @thenighthawkdiner burgers and fries at work today for Fast Food Friday and they absolutely killed it! The work kitchen was silent while cramming these in our gobs. AAAAA++++ would eat again and again #bigcommercelife 🍔🍔🍔🍟🍟🍟

Things I didn’t expect to be doing in 2016; watching Derrick May and Jeff Mills working a crowd with banging techno on a Sunday, and at the Ivy of all places.

What I’ve Been Up To

Long time no update. So I’ve been running and stuff. So far I’ve run 4 of the 5 Sydney Striders 10K races. I’ve been working at hitting 40 mins for a 10K race. In May I managed pretty close to that (well OK 8 seconds out) which was a surprise since I thought it wouldn’t be able to do that until later on in the year.

Finally hit a 40 minute 10K
Finally hit a 40 minute 10K

This morning’s race I was a bit off with my stomach churning pretty badly in the last couple of kms, so a 40:40 was about as good as I could expect.

  • March – North Head – 42:21
  • April – Lane Cove – 41:57
  • May – Olympic Park – 40:08
  • June – Lane Cover – 40:40

So I guess my goal is to hit a sub-40min 10km by the end of the year.

Also I trained with some work training group for the SMH Half Marathon in May. My previous PB for this race last year was 95:15. This year I aimed for 92 minutes and I ended up nailing it in 91:44, so I was super-happy to knock off that much time off my PB. So now I’m going to raise the bar and aim for a sub-90 in the Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival half marathon in September. Apparently its a flatter course, so fingers crossed!

The City2Surf and the Bay Run are both coming up pretty damn soon so I’ve got some busy times ahead.

What I Ate: Tuesday 8th July, 2008

What I Ate: Tuesday 8th July, 2008


  • Two fried eggs on toast
  • watered down fruit juice

Morning tea

  • white tea with one sugar
  • two chocolate crackles


  • Chicken teriyaki
  • can of diet coke

Afternoon tea

  • water
  • white tea with one sugar
  • one chocolate biscuit
  • one banana


  • lamb chops with peas, asparagas, pumpkin and rice
  • fruit cordial with sparkling mineral water


  • 3 chocolates
  • yoghurt


  • glass of milk