Another year

daveg & black motorola razr

Another year, another birthday. Didn’t really get up to a whole lot yesterday. I’ve been on holidays since last week. Mum and Dad bought me a Motorola RAZR (still trying figure out how to get this thing to speak to Linux) and Rozie bought me a ticket to the RPRSNT design conference.

Had dinner in Epping with Rozie and Mum at Kenny’s Chinese Restaurant. Its been a year or so since we last ate there. The food was nice. We had oxtail in chinese spices and onion, ling fillets in ginger and shallots and spicy salt tofu.

The batter on the tofu was nice with just a little bit of chewiness to it, the oxtail was tender and had nice flavour. The ling was a bit bland, but it was really that kind of dish anyhow. The service was a bit awkard though with three or more waiters wandering around the restuarant looking lost. Once the restuarant got a few more people in there it wasn’t so bad though.

Dangerous Minds: The Aftermath

Last Friday night, Rozie put on her “Dangerous Minds” Trivia night with Popfrenzy, and it was a great success. We got just over 170 people, with Chequers at the Mandarin Club being pretty much packed (can’t pack as many people in when they’re sitting down) and managed to raise just over $1500 for the NSW Cancer Council. Everyone seemed to have a great time (minus a couple of annoying loud mouthed individuals who insisted on yelling out answers) and Maynard was on the ball as well. Seems like people enjoyed it enough that they were already asking when the next one is. I guess that decision will be up to Rozie to decide.

Turning off posts

I’m turning off my posts for now. Its kind of overtaking my blog and making me lazy (like you haven’t noticed 😉 ) If you want to keep up with what I’m linking over at, there’s the last ten links in the sidebar of my blog, you can check out directly on, or you can add me to your inbox on if you’ve got an account.

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