St George Bank vs the Browser

From some dumbass reason, when St George Bank made upgrades to their online banking system earlier on in the year, they managed to break just about every browser except for a small selection of Internet Explorer versions and one version of Netscape Navigator. Luckily for users of Mozilla browsers its as easy as changing your user agent string.

In your prefs.js file you’ll just need to add user_pref("general.useragent.override", "Mozilla/5.0 [en] (Windows NT 5.1; U)"); to it. Solution courtesy of a SLUG list member.

Jdub tonight at the Sydney Linux Users Group meeting

At tonight’s SLUG meeting, GNOME hacker and Planet developer Jeff Waugh is giving a talk “about Planet a simple blog aggregator written in Python covering the history of the project from both a social and technical perspective, the effect of Planet on the communities it has touched, an overview of blogging and aggregation, points of interest in its development history, and how a tiny FOSS project can go a long way.”


Sean Willson has a great collection of favelets (or bookmarklets) which is basically “a bit of javascript code that you can put in your bookmarks to perform some action in your web browser.” Sean’s favelets range from browser resizing to disabling stylesheets to performing searches to validating HTML and CSS.

Also worth checking out is some favelets for the Wayback Machine courtesy of the Kalsey Consulting Group. Also there are move over at,, Google Directory and Jesse’s Bookmarklets Site (highly recommended!).

Mozilla Firefox (previously Mozilla Firebird, previously Phoenix)

Mozilla Firefox iconWhat was previously known as Phoenix and Mozilla Firebird, is now known as Mozilla Firefox, due to various naming issues that cropped up over time. For the Phoenix name, apparently there was already a Phoenix browser created by the BIOS manufacturer of the same name. So they changed it to Mozilla Firebird. Nup. Firebird was already taken by another open source project, a relational database project.

So now, with version 0.8 being released, now it is called Mozilla Firefox. Apparently some of the new features are a Windows Installer, an improved download manager, new add bookmark dialog, a new work offline feature, better handling of file types, new XPInstall frontend, a new default theme for MacOS X and various of bug fixes and improvements.

Make sure you check out the Mac OS X theme if you swing that way. I think its looks pretty darn sweet now. Also worth has a squizz at the Pinstripe theme for Mozilla Thunderbird as well (Mac OS X only! 😉 )

And one more thing that everyone can check out, is the Pornzilla project. Its a collection of “bookmarklets and extensions that enhance porn surfing”. Nice 🙂

Planet Grep continued

OK, so things are starting to look a bit spiffier now. Bj’s feed is getting pulled in now correctly, with all the dates and the html coming through correctly. My feed was a bit in that it was only pulling in an exerpt of the blog, even though it was set to pull in the full feed. Messed around with my feed, created a custom one, and forced it to send through the full feed with html all the time. Now the only weird thing is that it doesn’t seem to pull in my last post.

Gallery security fix

Apparenty Gallery versions 1.3.1, 1.3.2, 1.3.3, 1.3.4, 1.3.4-pl1, 1.4, 1.4-pl1, 1.4-pl2, and 1.4.1 have a serious security flaw which requires patching.

We have discovered a well-hidden but potentially serious security flaw in these versions of Gallery which can allow a hacker to remotely exploit your webserver. All Gallery users are strongly urged to upgrade to 1.4.1-pl1 immediately, which fixes this serious problem and will secure your system.

You can either upgrade to version 1.4.1-pl1 or if you are currently running 1.4.1 there is a small zip file which you can download which updates a couple of files.

The Neptunes aka N*E*R*D

From the N*E*R*D community on Orkut:

N*E*R*D is from the heart. When I say the heart, it’s like, if you spread your arms out and you put hip-hop in one hand, all the syncopation and hi-hats and drums, and in the other you put all the feeling and psychedelics of classic rock of the ’70s. Somewhere in the middle, where they meet is right near the heart. That’s where you’ll find N*E*R*D – the heart. That’s a perfect point of existence for N*E*R*D.

Ahahahaha 😆 Give me a hug right thuuur bruva!

Robin and Friends

I was searching in Google for “Robin and Friends” and this is what I got. Eeeck!

BTW, does anyone remember Robin and Friends? Was it called something else? Robin and Friends was a cartoon which featured a little dude with a pointy beany on SBS probably around 1998 or so. Robin and his friends used to get up to crazy adventures like breaking into warehouses and skiiing on mountains of cocaine and other such fun. They also featured in a Radiohead film clip for “Paranoid Android”. Anyway, I’d love to get my hand on a DVD or atleast some more information on this cartoon. I can’t seem to find any information at all, except for a brief mention on the Triple J website years ago in reference to the Radiohead filmclip.

Personal networks

If you haven’t read all about it, its now time to find out that that Orkut is the cool kid on the block now for personal networking, not Friendster. One thing I like about it is that its actually fast. 😉 And the communities feature is quite nice as well. At the moment, its invite only. I think I’ve invited pretty much everyone I have an email address for. If you haven’t got an invitation from me yet, drop me a line.

Blog update in progress

Yeah, so blah blah blah, I’m in the process of upgrading my blog. So I’ve I’m stuck with this ugly default installed this page layout from Alex King’s site. I’ll be slowly tweaking things over the next few days to something that resembled how things were before, or perhaps something completely new. I don’t mind this new scheme as the colours are quite similiar to my old PSG based blog. I’m pretty sure that the sushi at the top of the screen will have to go though.