We’re moving

78 Kepos St, Redfern

In case you didn’t know, Rozie and I are moving out of our current place in Redfern at the start of April. My Dad got himself a job in Broken Hill at a company called Australian Inland who do electricity and water services for inland Australia. So what does this have to do with Rozie and I moving out? Well, we’ll be moving into my parents house (and the house that I grew up in) in good ole Epping. Goodbye City, goodbye good times. OK, its not that bad. The City is only a 25 minute drive away. But I do really love living in the City. Moving into the Epping means us living rent free for 3 years though, which will be great for us saving up the money for our own home someday.

Anyway, if you know anyone looking to move into a 2-bedroom terrace in “East” Redfern, let them know our place is up for grabs soon. Its on Kepos St, which is a really nice tree-lined street in Redfern between Bourke and Baptist St. Moore park is about a block away, and its super-quiet.


Congratulations go out to my big sister Rebecca, who is getting married to her long time boyfriend Chris, who asked her to marry him last week. Don’t stress about Mum and Dad not getting too excited about it, its just the way they are! The immediately families reactions for Rozie and I getting married were pretty low key as well. I remember Rozie’s Mum’s reaction was “That’s nice” and she continued to finish washing the dishes.

When Rebecca and Chris told my parents that they were getting married, Dad’s first reaction was “So Chris, are you going to change the power points in your house from single to double points?”. Admittedly my first reaction when Mum told me was “Yeah, right.” So I shouldn’t talk!

I guess its just a family thing… 😆

Blog update in progress

Yeah, so blah blah blah, I’m in the process of upgrading my blog. So I’ve I’m stuck with this ugly default installed this page layout from Alex King’s site. I’ll be slowly tweaking things over the next few days to something that resembled how things were before, or perhaps something completely new. I don’t mind this new scheme as the colours are quite similiar to my old PSG based blog. I’m pretty sure that the sushi at the top of the screen will have to go though.

Rendering in different browsers – redux

After a bit of checking up with your friendly neighbourhood CSS validator, I figured out that the Safari rendering issue was due to my chubby figures creating some typos. IE 5.2 on Mac OS X still has the search form on the left hand side of the screen instead of the right though. Maybe I’ll just disable that or something.

Rendering in different browsers

daveg :: weblog - safari screenshotUsing iCapture, I found out that perhaps some of the recent changes that I made caused some problems in Safari. Previously I had checked, and it did look OK, but now it seems that it ignores quite a bit of the layout. The titlebar at the top doesn’t have the blue background, the search form is on the left hand side, not the right, the menubar on the left is just a bunch of list times, with no background colour at all, the styles for the navlist at the top are completely ignored and they are just outputted as a vertical list. Way to go Safari!

I checked it out with Konquerer (which is supposed to use the same rendering engine as Safari, KHTML) and it renders a lot more of the page than Safari could dream of. The only problem in Konquerer is that the navlist isn’t quite right, and an image which I had inserted as floating to the left, sits on top of the text, which doesn’t bother me too much.

I thought Apple chose the KHTML rendering engine over the Mozilla rendering engine because it was supposed to be more “compatible” over a greater range of websites. Over the time that I’ve used it (since the first public beta releases), I’ve not seen any evidence of this. One of my pet hates is that it still can’t handle SSL connections through a proxy server.

Next I’ll have to check IE (I checked out IE 5.x on Mac OS X last night and it wasn’t pretty) next on some Windows platforms. I had a quick look on Monday night on IE 6.0 on Windows XP, and it appeared to be OK, but you never know I guess. 🙁


Since I’m back at work with a nice fast connection again and no desire to do any work, I thought I’d jazz some stuff up around here. Made some changes to the stylesheet to change some colours, added in a horizontal menu bar (thank goodness for Accessify for making things easier), moved the search function to the top right-hand corner, and added in a “listening/reading/playing” section in the left-hand sidebar. Might have to work on that though, since its not looking particularly sexy at the moment.

Some new photos online

Duran Duran at the EnmoreDJ Sleepy at Jupiter JazzKris Kringle pressiesDuran Duran at the Enmore

Its been a while since I put any photos into my gallery, but after much hassling from Patrick and also the fact that I’m back at work away from a dialup connection, I’ve managed to put up some photos. Some photos from the Duran Duran concerts at the Enmore Theatre and Aussie Stadium recently, the Jupiter Jazz party down at Bar Europa (not as good a Tom’s photos though) and some happy snaps of friends down at Bronte for a little Christmas picnic get together.

Update: Just to keep my reputation in check, I didn’t actually attended the Duran Duran concerts. Rozie did. I swear, really, I wasn’t there. 😀

Paris Hilton’s mobile phone number

Ms Hilton’s phone number seems to be kicking around the world at the moment. A friend of mine gave it a call to confirm that it really was her’s and apparently, yes it is. Her phone seems to be off and the voicemail is full, so I guess its time to move on.

And while you’re at it, perhaps you can check out their weblog. I’m not sure whether this is real though…

For the googlers, there’s some more red hot Paris info here. 😀

My first blog spam

This morning I checked my mail to find that I received my first piece of blog spam. Not happy about that at all. Perhaps its time to turn off the comments. Mark Pilgrim has a pretty good rant about some of the efforts starting to combat blog spam before it gets out of control, and he doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

Updated my blog

I upgraded my blog to WordPress 0.72. I think it was 0.7 or something like that before. Anyway, things are a little bit different at the moment, but when I get the time, I’ll sort things out back to what it was before, or perhaps something completely different.

[Edit 28/10/2003] OK, things are pretty much back to normal now. Definitely gotta give things a facelift though. I’m getting bored of this layout.

Moved hosts

I’ve finally moved this weblog off gompa.dorja.com over to the main www.dorja.com server. Mega, mega, mega thanks to Troy for putting up with me on his servers!! 😀

Moving servers

Apparently the server that this is hosted on is getting retired. It was supposed to be retired on Saturday. But here I am, still blogging away. Blogging away like I ain’t never blogged before… I really should move it over to the main dorja box, along with sorting out my insurance… hmmm… so lazy. But hey, I just love tempting fate. I successfully drove around Sydney for 3 years with no car insurance without an accident (ok, just one tiny scratch). Somedays/months/years I’m just too lucky. Gotta love being a dragon!

Finally… more photos

After repeated requests, pleas, beggings and accidentally deleting my entire online photo gallery, I’ve finally gotten around to upload a bunch of photos that Rozie and I have take of stuff that’s happened over the last couple of months

We’ve got the illustrious Josephine Wan’s epic 30th birthday, prefuse73 at the Gaelic Club, BMG at Mad Racket, the final Cut & Paste at the Spanish Club, Gabby’s excellent exhibition “Chasing Horizons” at First Draft Gallery in Surry Hills, and some incriminating photos of the Surry Fools apparently playing soccer or something like that in Moore Park.