For the film buffs

Went to good ole Mac Centre on the weekend with Rozie to watch Batman Begins. Most excellent. A very adult interpretation of the Batman franchise. Very low on the camp/cheese factor of the previous movies (even though I did enjoy them. How good was the Prince soundtrack for the first movie?) Rozie thought it was the best Hollywood flick for her this year. She liked Chrisitan Bale alot. Can’t say I dug Katie Homles that much (begone eviiil Scientologist!). Lots of cold nipple action from her for some reason though. I think even if you don’t care too much for Batman in general that this would still be an enjoyable movie for most.

A whole lot better than Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith!

Another crazy ebay auction

What’s with people selling of entire collections. Today’s crazy auction is a guy selling off thousands and thousand of 7″ records. Currently the auction is at US$5200.00. The catch is that you have to go to New York to got and pick them up. No delivery!

The time has come to clean out my basement, and if you want thousands and thousands and thousands of 45s you may be just the person to do it!

I’m 60 years old next month and I’ve been collecting (hoarding) records since I was a kid. For years I sold records in Goldmine and Discoveries magazines as Steal-A-Record, all the while buying more and more records. When eBay started I began selling records on eBay. But somewhere along the way I switched over to selling comic books (as Steal-A-Comic) and for a few years now I’ve been wondering what to do with the thousands and thousands and thousands of 45s I’d accumulated.

Well the time has come to get rid of them all and I do mean ALL! And that’s the catch. THEY CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE SHIPPED! The winner must pick them up. AND THE WINNER CANNOT PICK AND CHOOSE…EVERYTHING MUST GO! Here’s what we’re talking about.

The NES collection I previously mentioned closed at US$10,099.99 without the reserve being met.

The DJ’s on the box again…

So if you’ve got nothing to do (or you do have something to do, but want something waaay better) you can hear me djing down at Goodbar on Oxford St in Darlinghurst this Friday night for the opening night of Floppy Disko. I’ll be dropping a stack of hip house for about an hour and a half (that’s three times more hip house than I got to play at Jack Your Body!!), so if you’re feeling you want to move, jump, jack your body, git on up!

OK, so after upselling myself, I should also mention the rest of the Floppy Disko night. Other far more capable dj’s are The Lost Boys: (Sex Worker, Complex, Skreech & Black Eyed Boy), OSC-001, Junior & more. Also playing live are the Death Set, Cherry 2000. They describe it as a night of limp electro, flacid acid, lax funk, soft cock rock & relaxed grooves, so it should be a fun, mixed up kinda night.

Its $10 on the door, or free if you get one of their dope invites.

I’m Better Looking Than You

Well, according to this article over on the Sydney Morning Herald from the weekend perhaps I am (unless your “Eurasian” as well):

Eurasian features have been associated with beauty since Somerset Maugham extolled the exotic appearance of a woman of mixed race more than 80 years ago in his short story, The Pool.

Now Australian psychologists have shown there is a scientific basis for this stereotype.

Now who am I to argue with “science”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cracks in the Pavement

Now this sounds rather cool:

Cracks in the Pavement: Gifts in the Urban Landscape is a multi-phased, interactive project that calls attention to the โ€œin-betweenโ€ spaces encountered throughout everyday life. The project focuses on details within the urban landscape and encourages close inspection of our social space. This summer, artists based in locations around the world will respond to what they find in their urban environments by making art objects designed to be placed in sites that intrigue themโ€”-at bus shelters, in alleys, under bridges, in libraries or post offices, or deep in park bushes. Members of the public are invited to search for these site-specific works using maps and clues provided at Art works featured in Cracks in the Pavement may be kept by whoever finds them. Works not found will be allowed to remain in the landscape indefinitely to be encountered by chance, displaced, or transformed by the very environmental forces that define each piece’s context.

The installations are mainly in the US, but there’ll be a couple in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, including a couple of sound works by Sofie. Apparently things kick off June 5th with instructions for finding the location of the works getting posted up on the Cracks in the Pavement site.

Stuff you should do

Well I’m actually heading off to Melbourne with Rozie this weekend to check out the Andy Warhol Time Capsules Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. But if I was in Sydney this weekend, I’d probably do the following:

Thursday: decoded at the Burdekin Hotel in Darlinghurst for some electro, techno, tech house and minimal electronics with anthony box, brad c, dave mccann and guest marshall and aka. Free entry. (flyer here)
Friday: Architecture in Helsinki at the Annandale Hotel for some twee-pop. $15 on the door.
Saturday: Paradise Lost “Le Chic Discotheque” at the Sly Fox in Enmore with Brut33 and Sly Mangles playing wildstyle disco and electrofunk covering everything from motown to the mainline. Free entry. (flyer here)
Sunday: Frigid at @Newtown for DJ Olive. Free entry.

Except for the Architecture in Helsinki gig, its a great weekend for tight arses!

Erotic Ghost Story

So on SBS on Saturday night they were showing Erotic Ghost Story. I’ve never seen the whole thing before, just the fight sequence at the end. I kinda knew that it was well, a sort of softcore porn movie, but I didn’t realise how blatant it was (I figured it couldn’t be that blatant considering the number of times its been shown on SBS). I mean, I was expecting a few more fight scenes, some sort of story, something… But then again, SBS was showing it. God bless SBS. ๐Ÿ˜†

Nikki Webster

(18:24:40) dave :: Matt wants Nikki’s strawberry kisses: man that FHM cover is gross… +o(
(18:24:52) Benn | all day i dream about stupidity: haven’t seen it
(18:25:00) dave :: Matt wants Nikki’s strawberry kisses: *shudder* don’t at all costs
(18:25:05) Benn | all day i dream about stupidity: lol
(18:25:07) Benn | all day i dream about stupidity: that bad??
(18:25:38) dave :: Matt wants Nikki’s strawberry kisses: I dunno. Its Nikki Webster. It just seems so… wrong
(18:25:49) Benn | all day i dream about stupidity: she’s 18 though yeh?
(18:25:59) dave :: Matt wants Nikki’s strawberry kisses: I guess so
(18:26:08) Benn | all day i dream about stupidity: meh.. i haven’t seen it so i can’t comment
(18:26:55) dave :: Matt wants Nikki’s strawberry kisses:
(18:27:10) Benn | all day i dream about stupidity: doesnt look that abd
(18:27:12) Benn | all day i dream about stupidity: bad
(18:27:30) dave :: Matt wants Nikki’s strawberry kisses: argh. I guess you don’t share my extreme dislike of her then
(18:27:41) dave :: Benn wants Nikki’s strawberry kisses: ๐Ÿ˜›
(18:27:48) Benn | all day i dream about stupidity: nah….
(18:28:01) Benn | all day i dream about stupidity: i mean strawberry kisses is lame, but so was kylie’s locomotion
(18:28:31) dave :: Benn wants Nikki’s strawberry kisses: I am so blogging this ๐Ÿ˜‰

Last Dark Energy radio show this Saturday

Say it ain’t so. Due to some “changes” at 2SER recently, the Dark Energy guys will be calling it a day. Your show will be sorely missed guys. I know that for me and many, many other people, you’ve made Saturday night radio an absolutely luxurious pleasure over the last 8 years and introduced to lots of music that we probably wouldn’t have been able to get any other way. So much pleasure and luxury that would make Rocco proud! So many good times and musical pleasure.

Just a quick note that after 8 years on 2SER FM, Dark Energy will be calling it a night this Saturday 16th.

We will be doing an extra long show this Saturday… We are going to bring out the best for this one.

Dark Energy DJ’s:
James Bond
The Sentinel/Patrick HAF

Cost: Free
Where: 107.3 FM
Time: 11:30pm – very, very late.

Ready to Jack?

Jack Your Body flyer

In case you haven’t heard (or perhaps weren’t listening at the time) I’m putting on a hip house and acid house party tonight with popfrenzy and a bunch of other people. Its down at the Mandarin Club on Pitt St in the City, it kicks off at 9pm and its only $6 on the door. Prizes and stuff for best outfits and dancers. ๐Ÿ˜€

Get, get, get BUSY

Get busy, now hear me,
do your funky dance and get dizzy,
do it right now, not later,
if you wait too long you might fade out,
I’m a rapper, you’re the dancer,
clap yo hands, move yo feet fast to my new sound
cause I’m getting down comin straight from the north side of Chi-town…

Get BusyMr. Lee